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Forums - Sports Discussion - What is your favourite sport?


favourite sport?

Football (soccer) 43 35.83%
American football 13 10.83%
Rugby union or league 1 0.83%
Golf 1 0.83%
ice hockey 13 10.83%
Basketball 9 7.50%
bat sports ( cricket or baseball etc) 7 5.83%
racquet ( tennis,badminton etc) 6 5.00%
combat (boxing,ufc,wrestling, etc) 12 10.00%
other 15 12.50%

I watch everything except for Soccer and Baseball, my favourite is Formula 1 though.

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I only watch sports when the Olympics are on. When my kids are playing in the park I shoot some hoops to pass the time or play soccer with them. I cycle a lot.

Football and Basketball to play and watch.


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Handegg (American Football) is definetily number one, I played it for years and I love to watch it, go Cowboys!!
Boxing and MMA are close second, I practiced Tae Kwon Do and I'm getting into Krav Maga lately, my girl used to train boxing and she has taught me some boxing techniques as well.

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For playing, Tennis since that is what I'm best at, and soccer for watching cuz... I really liked it as a kid and still do. I'm just not good at it, so watching it is a nice alt.



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boxing & wrestling (not fake wrestling)


this includes competing & watching

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Watching: Ice hockey
Playing: cricket
I'm an Indian who lives in Canada, so yeah.

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