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Forums - Sports Discussion - What is your favourite sport?


favourite sport?

Football (soccer) 43 35.83%
American football 13 10.83%
Rugby union or league 1 0.83%
Golf 1 0.83%
ice hockey 13 10.83%
Basketball 9 7.50%
bat sports ( cricket or baseball etc) 7 5.83%
racquet ( tennis,badminton etc) 6 5.00%
combat (boxing,ufc,wrestling, etc) 12 10.00%
other 15 12.50%

F1 and Athletics

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It was football but right now? I prefer to watch League of legends esports, i love mma too.

Ninepin bowling.



Only sport I watch. Go Titans!

Video games Kappa

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To watch: football (not the american version)
To do: skiing

Probably basketball - but when it comes to watching professional sports my preference is MLB or NHL during the playoffs, as I find the NBA to be rigged, or at least far too influencial by the refs/star treatment. 


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to watch: football

to play: golf

Football with hockey close behind. Used to watch other sports when i had more free time but none of those come close to the love I have for football and hockey.

My favorite sport is volleyball by far and the only one I play sometimes. I also enjoy watching football/tennis and played them at some point. Considering the site we are I guess e-sports count too? if so league of legends, I watch a lot of that too

PS: nice necrobump