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Forums - Sports Discussion - What is your favourite sport?


favourite sport?

Football (soccer) 43 35.83%
American football 13 10.83%
Rugby union or league 1 0.83%
Golf 1 0.83%
ice hockey 13 10.83%
Basketball 9 7.50%
bat sports ( cricket or baseball etc) 7 5.83%
racquet ( tennis,badminton etc) 6 5.00%
combat (boxing,ufc,wrestling, etc) 12 10.00%
other 15 12.50%

Either watching, playing or both it doesn't matter. l think i am going to be in the majority when i say for me it has to be Association football (soccer) because there is no other sport that comes close to it in terms of passion and ferocity, it really is in a league of it's own. Now there are probably over 50 sports out there so i will only include the main ones in the poll so you'll have choose other if you're into less popular sports like Athletics,cue sports or aquatic sports etc.

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Playing: Badminton
Watching: Boxing, gymnastics.
Esport (watching): League of legends.

Futbol to play, League of Legends (Esport if it counts) to watch.

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Futbol to watch, Tennis to play. But to be honest, I like to watch any and every sport.
And since others are including eSports, I only enjoy Smash Bros. but might watch other fighters every once in a while.

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Basketball to play
eSports Street Fighter EVO to watch

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Football! For both playing and watching.

Also enjoy watching rugby (union only, don't like league) & ice hockey. Would never play them though.

I enjoy watching/practicing martial arts, but I know that when I'll grow older IF I'm rich enough I'll play golf every single day...

Playing and watching both basketball and boxing. Boxing is rather recent for me, but basketball has been my favorite since I was a kid.


As a typical Canadian, hockey's my favourite to watch.

To play, basketball.

To Watch: F1 (motorsport in general, if I had more time), Snooker
To Play: Pool

If we're including eSports I do like watching people play Rocket League, I can't watch for very long, not that it's bad or I feel bad, but I just want to be playing myself so I boot up the game.

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