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Toaster toasts toast :)

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It's a something, I guess . . .


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Would that even be doable? Ok I can see stuff like 2d platformers or just smaller titles in general being playable on both the handheld and home console but I doubt Nintendo is going to make a handheld that can handle a big demanding next gen Zelda or metroid or xenoblade

There you have it people. Jega cleared it up.

Nope. This isn't happening.

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Thank goodness we have finally have new information on the NX. Nice find JEGA.

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Source explains NX Clearly:

"The revolutionary NX will be in the shape of a cube. Yes, a cube. There are no ports for you to insert cables. What do you do? You sit and examine the box, realizing you spent 300 dollars on a console that is literally a brick"



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You are like a year late when making threads like this.


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Jega said:
.......home console, NX game cartridges will also be playable on the Nintendo NX handheld (sold separately). Yes you read that right, buy one game, play it on the NX console and the NX handheld. The NX console will run games at native 900p and scalable to 4K.
This is not officially from Nintendo, but makes too much sense to not be true, I may put up the link later, if I feel like it.
Just remember who sent you the information and appreciate my efforts to post this. I know some of you guys were dying to know what NX is.

This is nothing relly new and I agree with everything except resolution. I am pretty sure games will run at 1080p not 900p (at least Nintendo games), even on Wii U you already have some 1080p games (Smash Bros, Zelda WW HD, TP HD..) and not one single 900p game.

Mar1217 said:
Toaster toasts toast :)

Actually it toasts bread...