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Forums - Politics Discussion - Trump VS Clinton. Who Has Your Vote


Trump or Clinton

Trump 444 33.59%
Clinton 487 36.84%
Undecided 109 8.25%
Not of age or not American 282 21.33%

I'm just curious to see who most of you guys would vote for.

If i were 18 I'll probably go with Trump.

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I'm not voting for either. Both suck.

I loathe the #NeverTrump initiative but if I were to vote it would still be Trump since he's different enough compared to the rest of the options ...

Trump, because he is a man.

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They really need to add a "Leave office vacant" option beneath the list of candidates on the ballots.

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I'm going libertarian out of spite

Just give Obama another 4 years


Cause I live in Canada :P


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Neither because although Puerto Rico can vote in US primaries, we can't vote for the president of the US.

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