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Forums - Politics Discussion - Trump VS Clinton. Who Has Your Vote


Trump or Clinton

Trump 444 33.59%
Clinton 487 36.84%
Undecided 109 8.25%
Not of age or not American 282 21.33%
CosmicSex said:
spemanig said:

Lmao, as if your little insignificant vote would actually make a statistical difference, electoral college or otherwise. People should vote so they have permission from nobody to complain about a result they had no significance influence in changing? Get real.

The idea that votes are insignificant have spread to millions of people and suddenly those who haven't been throughly disillusioned have way more influence.  Please snap out of it. In absolute terms every single vote is statistically insignificant.  Should no one vote then?

This is about no one but yourself. Should you vote knowing that your one vote means nothing? Don't see why you'd waste your time. You're not making a difference. You're just partaking in a nonsensical social event for the principal of it. Kim Kardashian tweeting that people should vote for Bernie will have an exponentially greater impact on the elections then your vote ever will.

In fact, Kim K tweeting to vote Bernie and then not voting would have a greater impact on his nomination than her tweeting nothing and then voting Bernie. The only disilusionment is the idea that the individual vote matters.

Well, this is new.


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I'm not an American. I am free of making the choice between a lesser evil.

I am not american, but i would vote for trump if i could

I prefer Bernie, but of those choices, Hillary.

I vote Ice Bear :T

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None of them gets my vote, come June I will vote for Bernie. Also like others here mention Hillary doesn't deserved to be in office, she deserves to be in prison.

Proud to be a Californian.

Neither, both are awful. Bernie Sanders.

Not american, but would vote for Bernie, both trump and hilary is so bad.

How long are the polls open?

barneystinson69 said:

No, I mean that because I worry that Trump will just ignite the world if he has a diplomatic crisis! I'm not saying this because I like Hillary, I'm saying this because she the best of two shittty canidate's.

And as long as immigration is controlled, and the people are skilled and assimilating, I have no problems with immigrants in NA.

So fear mongering is the way to go ?