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    Pokemon Stars Confirmed? (gamestop)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 January 2017

    They could be referencing a game like Pokken Tournament rather than Stars specifically, but it's still exciting nonetheless! I have high hopes for tomorrow!...

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    We shouldn't expect to see Pokemon Stars at the Switch event.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 January 2017

    I see your logic and I agree with you for the most part, but a January Pokemon reveal has happened before AKA Pokemon X and Y. They announced that early Jan with their own Nintendo Direct. And it's very possible Nintendo would want to push Game Freak to reveal Pokemon Stars at a time Nintendo needs it the most. Granted if they revealed Stars at the Switch event I only expect the logos or...

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    Looks like no 3G/LTE or Upgradable Battery for Nintendo Switch =(

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 December 2016

    Why don't you just use your phone as a wifi hotspot and connect that to the switch? Problem solved....

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    Prediction Game: What date will Nintendo reveal NX? (Culipechi closest)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 August 2016

    9/16/16 is my birthday so if they reveal it then I would be so freaking happy. ...

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    Its been 5 months since the last Nintendo Direct.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 August 2016

    It's been over 5 months since the last Nintendo Direct, not counting E3. I know this isn't a suprise to many since the NX is coming up and Nintendo is probably gonna release a tidal wave of info during the reveal, but it really drives home the fact that the Wii U, and now I'd say the 3DS, are dead consoles. Kinda sad to be honest, but hopefully the wait will be worth it! Also do you guys think...

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    Leaker (Rumor): NX Is Modular, Upgradable, Uses Tegra X1 Successor

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 July 2016

    That's definitely an idea Nintendo should pursue. Being able to play any game at any graphical quality would be an incredible feat for gaming. It would also extend the longevity of the console allowing the upgrades to essentially give you a brand new console for less of a price....

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    NX is the final name...?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 July 2016

    Highly Doubt it. Nintendo has thrown around the name NX tons of times so they probably don't want anyone mistaking the NX as something else for legal reasons....

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    Pokemon Go used to attack Hilary Clinton by Trump's campaign

    in Politics Discussion on 15 July 2016

    Pokemon is officially a part of American politics. Oh how far we have came!...

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    POKEMON GO - Unbelievable story about a Charizard!!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 July 2016

    I've found a bulbasuar in the wild. You have to be able to find more starters beacause they only evolve by eating their respective species of candies....

    Write 43

    Pokemon Go #1 on the charts

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 July 2016

    No. 1 in the top grossing charts as well! As long as they continuously update the app with more content and fix the servers/glitches I think we will see this app become fairly successful!...

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    Nintendo opens a worldwide portal for developers

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 July 2016

    This sounds incredible! They are being really open about every aspect of making a game. They need to expand this to the NX as soon as possible, maybe after they officially reveal it. Great job Nintendo!...

    Write 117

    If only 1 game series could survive...

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 July 2016

    Pokemon because the amount of different games that have been created from the main series to mystery dungeon is impressive to say the least. That's a lot of different games for a lot of different systems....

    Write 130

    Finding Dory to be yet another billion dollar film for Disney this year? 1 billion! Eat it haterz! If there were some.....

    in Movies Discussion on 04 July 2016

    Keybladewielder said: I can't wait to watch Finding Dory, it releases in my country until July 15th. Finding Nemo is one of my favorite movies ever, so a sequel is like a dream come true for me. I got to watch it a couple weeks ago. It sucks you have to wait that long, but it will be worth it! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!...

    Write 31

    Nintendo Launches "The Play Nintendo Show"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 July 2016

    This was very hard to watch. I don't even think kids would enjoy this ADHD filled non-sense. I know this isn't meant for older audiences, but it should still be watchable by adults. ...

    Write 34

    So I bought a....

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 July 2016

    I heavily recommend downloading some older classics from the Eshop if you get the chance. It will really open his eyes to the amount of different games there are and overall really help his gaming knowledge. Try stuff like Super Mario 64. When he gets older show him games like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky if you don't already have a 3DS. That is the one thing I really enjoy about the...

    Write 48

    Biggest surprise of 2016 (so far)?

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 July 2016

    Some people have said it already, but: 1. Nintendo hasn't released more info about the NX yet. They keep making different excuses for why they haven't and it's getting pretty stale. 2. Nintendo did a LOT better at E3 than I anticipated. Despite only showing off less than 10 games, Nintendo captured people's hearts with Zelda and a little bit of Pokemon. 3. CRASH BANDICOOT REMASTERS...

    Write 37

    Riverside, first VR game for NX

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 June 2016

    John19 said: This has to be the stupidest decision I have ever seen anyone make. Why the ever loving fuck would you develop a niche technology on a platform that may not even support the technology?! Granted I guess they haven't started development yet but why would you ride on the very slim chance that VR is compatable with the...

    Write 264


    in Gaming Discussion on 05 June 2016

    So far I have: -DS -3DS -Wii U -PS1 -PS3 -PC (I have steam on there but I don't use it that much. I'll be buying Overwatch soon though and I plan on gettin more into PC gaming as a whole.) ...

    Write 55

    Famitsu polls Japan for their top 10 most memorable games per console

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 June 2016

    Ka-pi96 said: Quite a few as you'd expect really. Some games that I've never even heard of too, maybe they were Japan only games or something? A few surprises other than that though. No Persona 4 on the PS2 list? I know it tops the Vita list, but #3 made both the PS2 and PSP lists, so how come #4 couldn't do the same? Glad to see Super Mario 64 above Zelda on N64. I just don't get the...

    Write 38

    According Yahoo Japan, Nintendo is working on a new handheld code name MH.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 May 2016

    I'll wait until an official announcement from Nintendo before I get overly hyped. In fact I'm just gonna wait until the NX is out to get excited....

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