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Forums - Politics Discussion - Trump VS Clinton. Who Has Your Vote


Trump or Clinton

Trump 444 33.59%
Clinton 487 36.84%
Undecided 109 8.25%
Not of age or not American 282 21.33%
bowserthedog said:

How long are the polls open?

History shows they remain opened forever:

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:

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Trump is alpha as fuck. Hillary is a crook.

CosmicSex said:
For those naive enough to think that voting doesn't matter, be mindful of your own life and aspirations and pick someone knowing that there is always a worse choice. You do this because you don't have any right complaining years down the line when shit hits the fan because there will be a president whether you like it or not.

Actually, to some extent voting does not matter based on your geographical location. For example, I would vote for Trump but I live in New York and this state is historical because of the electoral system. Now, if I were to vote for a Democrat candidate for president but I live in Texas, its a wasted vote because historically Texas sides with Republicans. So, until the country changes to popular vote, some votes will not matter in presidential elections unless you're in a swing state.

Trump will ruin the US. He is a business man. Business man don't care about people. They care about making money.

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This is a pick your poison type of situation. I can't vote but if I could, I would vote for a 3rd party.

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Well I would prefer Bernie, but would vote for Clinton.

I don't think we should ever allow a Republican in the white house again. Just cost to much and too many lives. They like to get the US into wars.


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Tell me a funny joke!

I prefer Bernie but would vote for Trump.

StarOcean said:
Just give Obama another 4 years

That is a joke aint it?

I am not even American but I read the news, politics etc and Obama has got to be the weakest most embarrassing President ever for you. Look at him at the moment doing videos with mic drops etc how cringe worthy, and that is not even mentioning his policies etc in his time in office.

HylianYoshi said:
If I were 18, I wouldn't vote. Because I don't support bullshit.

I used to think the same, trouble is as you get older you realise that if you do not vote you can not complain.

Here in the UK if you are not happy with non on the ballot paper still go, get your pen (not pencil, they try to get you to use pencil here but the law says you can take your own pen) and put a big cross on the paper stating you are not happy with any of the choices.

Peh said:
Trump will ruin the US. He is a business man. Business man don't care about people. They care about making money.

So, like Obama?