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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Will This Be The Last Console Generation?


Last Generation

Yes 27 13.37%
No 154 76.24%
Results 21 10.40%
jason1637 said:
Yerm said:
Nintendo is preparing a next gen console.... so no


Mar1217 said:
Geez, are we in one of those bad episode of X-Files ?
And yeah the NX will be a 9th gen console

Mid gen console

we are well past that point. there will be a new controller, vastly upgraded hardware, and new exclusive content. its a new console, and its gen 9

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Sadly no :(

Well of course i want a console that's constantly connected to servers that can easily get hacked at anytime. heaven forbid i want to let my friend borrow my game, that would be to difficult in 2016-onward you know with technology getting "better" Change isn't whats scary it's the "Details" in the change that CAN be scary, very scary. By using nothing more than comparison what about this? Tell the whole world back in the 1930's that change was good for Germany and that Hitler and his Nazi's were a good "change" for Germany and the rest of the world. Don't be retarded. Yes change CAN be good sometime's. Innovation's to technology CAN be a good thing sometime's. Not everything works as planned. It's just like credit and debit card's, online banking,buying and selling on the internet. You can be robbed of everything you worked your life for or have your entire identity stolen when your minding your own business sleeping in your bed. Bottom line we are relying more and more on internet to fix all our problems, which it does in some cases. Video games are fine the way they are they don't need changed, at the very least make it optional that way people who love online imaginary data for their games cool. But i want consoles i shouldn't have to pay for internet just to play a game. just wait once server problems/hacks/lagging start people might question what they thought they were getting with this new digital nonsense. My opinion though.
Good day chap's!

Yerm said:
jason1637 said:


Mid gen console

we are well past that point. there will be a new controller, vastly upgraded hardware, and new exclusive content. its a new console, and its gen 9

Its launching in the middle of 8th gen. Mid gen

The fact that so many people argued whether the Wii U was 7th gen or 8th gen, and are now arguing whether the NX is 8th or 9th gen just proves that the lines between console generations are already getting blurred.

Standard console generations are over. Deal with it.


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JRPGfan said:

I hate lag input.

Can you imagine playing Mario platformers via game streaming?

Same thing with competitive first person shooters.

Those guys with physical hardware (their own consoles) will have huge advantages alone due to input lag.


Net goes down? no playing.

Data cap reached? no playing.

son/daughter/wife watching netflix/downloading somehting => your not playing (at full speed).

Love collecting physical discs of games you love? too bad.

ect ect ect


Just no!

Give us physical consoles for a few gens more atleast please.

Im very much against the idea of streaming your game to you (though it could possibly work okay with like turn based rpgs ect).


Upgradable Console?

That sounds cool though.

Well, even if all digital, I can see downloading the entire game before you play. I agree streaming tech needs to be improved a bit more before playing a full game could work (especially at 60fps).

there will always be Hardware from Sonyand Nintendo.

PSnow pretty much unofficially flopped we still have no European release while Sony is working on the Neo that pretty much tells you where they are going

I can't help but roll my eyes when people claim that within the next 10-15 years all gaming will be digital-only, possibly even streaming. Every time somebody proclaims the impending demise of physical media reality comes and smacks them down. Not even the music industry has forced everyone to start streaming or buying mp3 players, and they've been impacted the most of any entertainment sector by digital media. Yet people have been proclaiming for years that, any day now, all the CD presses would shut down. Print books and Blu-ray were supposed to be dead already as well, yet they're still here with no signs of dying any time soon. And sure, the PC part of the gaming market has voluntarily shifted to digital, but that's because A) it's an open platform, which allows for competing digital stores and thus better service and lower prices, and B) the second-hand software market never had a historical presence or even a legal basis.

Consoles are very different beasts from PCs, though, as is their respective markets. In 2014 (the most recent data I have for this; it came from a DFC Intelligence report from last year), total U.S. unit sales for retail-release console titles had physical outselling digital roughly 18-to-1 not including bundled software. Even for first-week/first-month sales of major titles, evidence suggests that the vast majority of sales for most titles are physical copies. Console gamers overwhelmingly prefer physical copies. And that's because the second-hand market, protected by the first-sale doctrine, has been a huge part of the console market for over 30 years.

Furthermore, consoles are closed platforms. For consoles to go all-digital, not only would it have to be forced (something no other sector of the entertainment industry has done before), but a console owner would be locked into that platform's one exclusive digital storefront. There's no competition and thus no incentive to reduce prices. You buy a hypothetical digital-only PS5, and you're going to have to buy games exclusively from the PSN store. Period. They would fully control every aspect of the distribution channel. I fail to see how anything good could come out this situation.

And all of this is to say nothing about the myriad other issues of digital distribution and mandatory internet connections, and I don't have time to get into those right now (I have to leave soon).

The console market just isn't ready for digital-only, and it might never be. Maybe once us crusty old Gen X-ers are all dead or in retirement homes, but probably not before then.

There's simply no example of this even being remotely likely yet.
I mean people love to use PS Now as an example of this, but really it's just an optional service that allows you to stream older generation titles, certainly no proof that generational, local hardware improvements are being replaced by a broadband/server based approach.

Sony possibly releasing a new version of PS4, with more powerful hardware is just proof that their may be a mid-gen optional update for people, to give them more options for play, though even that will likely just be a tester to see if people like the idea, with the recent backlash of these rumors I wouldn't be so sure it's the guaranteed way forward.
If anything generations may get shorter, but that's about it.

A broadband based platform is inherently unreliable, suffers from latency issues and would be notoriously hard to market from a sales perspective, plus there's the whole inability to really get the most out of such hardware, because it would constantly be a moving target for developers to cater to.

The simple fact that modern consoles have sold better than ever actually points to platform holders not giving that model up, more likely the console model become more prevalent than ever before.

TBH most likely added options will be the way forward, I never understand why people would want something that has worked for so long to disappear.
The best approach is for platform holders to add new features, like keeping the console as the focal point, maybe turn those into personal servers for people to also be able to play their games on the move (whether it's through tablets, phones or dedicated gaming handhelds), then also help to reduce latency through connecting the ecosystem together more and plugging the gaps in latency with added servers that aren't in people's homes.

This kind of stuff takes time to happen too, it won't just be a sudden switch over to this, but rather iteration of added tech into the console ecosystem.

Options people, not lack of options is the future, which means consoles aren't going anywhere for a very long time.

spemanig said:
Everyone go on pretending like it's not though if it helps you sleep at night.

Or pretending like the NX is a 9th generation console instead of a generationless platform like what it actually is.

I know, change and modernization is scary. (its not its awesome)

Yeah, Modernization  aways is good......... even when the "Modernization" make you purchase a lot of Hardwares in less time, where in countries like mine, have a lot of Tax, the Tax for those companies is  nearly greater than 100%, Plus the US$, is up 80-90% YOY, and still have the Store profit's Margin, is aways nice to purchase something so much overpriced  that you cannot believe why the hardware is 4-6x more expensive than on USA.


Is great when "Modernization" make you be aways online, or sort of, when in a lot of countries like mine, where the Internet is Poor, and  the "National Agency of Telecommunications" a Goverment's Quality and rule control of  every type of Communications, is helping all the companies that sell Internet, to make Limited Internet (the one that you pay by MB that you use, and not a single fix tax per month), as the Standart, instead of Unlimited internet like the other countries, and the Only one that is against it,  my Country's President, is being attacked by the Senate, and the Congress, without a single good reason, the only reason is for the Vice-President, that was unable  to get even a chair in the Congress,  to take the place of the President, and the Vice-President, is completely  against everything that the President stand up for.


Modernization os this kind isn't well accepted even on USA, so if those things became standart, the companies would lose all the Money, and players for countries that are growing  their Video Game Market, and we would end up like China, nearly 100% PC Marketing, or Mobile Marketing, Consoles would die because of it, and people from other countries would Slowly move to PC, this would be a disaster  for a lot of countries, a lot of people would stop of playing Video Game, and would be hard to get new Non-gamers, into the Video Game Market.


Mobile Would grown even more because of the Lack of other opitions, and Mobile Games, would became the Standart of the Industrie for the Old Casual gamers, or new Gamers, and PC, would be  for Hardcores players.