spemanig said:
Everyone go on pretending like it's not though if it helps you sleep at night.

Or pretending like the NX is a 9th generation console instead of a generationless platform like what it actually is.

I know, change and modernization is scary. (its not its awesome)

Yeah, Modernization  aways is good......... even when the "Modernization" make you purchase a lot of Hardwares in less time, where in countries like mine, have a lot of Tax, the Tax for those companies is  nearly greater than 100%, Plus the US$, is up 80-90% YOY, and still have the Store profit's Margin, is aways nice to purchase something so much overpriced  that you cannot believe why the hardware is 4-6x more expensive than on USA.


Is great when "Modernization" make you be aways online, or sort of, when in a lot of countries like mine, where the Internet is Poor, and  the "National Agency of Telecommunications" a Goverment's Quality and rule control of  every type of Communications, is helping all the companies that sell Internet, to make Limited Internet (the one that you pay by MB that you use, and not a single fix tax per month), as the Standart, instead of Unlimited internet like the other countries, and the Only one that is against it,  my Country's President, is being attacked by the Senate, and the Congress, without a single good reason, the only reason is for the Vice-President, that was unable  to get even a chair in the Congress,  to take the place of the President, and the Vice-President, is completely  against everything that the President stand up for.


Modernization os this kind isn't well accepted even on USA, so if those things became standart, the companies would lose all the Money, and players for countries that are growing  their Video Game Market, and we would end up like China, nearly 100% PC Marketing, or Mobile Marketing, Consoles would die because of it, and people from other countries would Slowly move to PC, this would be a disaster  for a lot of countries, a lot of people would stop of playing Video Game, and would be hard to get new Non-gamers, into the Video Game Market.


Mobile Would grown even more because of the Lack of other opitions, and Mobile Games, would became the Standart of the Industrie for the Old Casual gamers, or new Gamers, and PC, would be  for Hardcores players.