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Forums - Sports Discussion - Anyone going to UEFA EURO 2016 in France?

Just curious if anyone on here is going to attend the tournament?  I'm going for 2 weeks in June and I've tickets to 6 matches.  

The opening match and ceremony 

France v Romania, Stade de France Paris 

Turkey v Croatia,  Parc de Princes Paris 

Ireland v Sweden,  Stade de France Paris 

Switzerland v Romania,  Parc De Princes Paris 

Ireland v Belgium,  Stade de Bordeaux 

Italy v Ireland, Stade Pierre-Mauroy Lille 


That's my 2 week schedule to the tournament. So any of you going?  And if not will you be watching on TV and who will you support?  


On a side note,  is anyone afraid of the potential for terrorist attacks?  

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I'll be watching as many games as I can on TV. Not sure who to support yet, Netherlands has been my favorite since I was a kid, Bergkamp, Kluivert, Rijkaard, Edgar Davids and later Sneijder, Kuyt, RvP and Robben but they aren't what they used to be and didn't even make it to Euros damnit.

England, Germany, Belgium, Sweden maybe? We'll see 😁

:o You sure like Ireland!

I wish I was going. These things cost money though and I can't really afford it right now. Won't be able to watch any games on the first 2 days since I'll be moving house, but after that I plan to watch every single game (apart from the ones that clash with another one of course).

As for who I'll be cheering for... I usually cheer for the Netherlands, that ain't gonna work this time though is it?
But Belgium are probably the closest thing to the Netherlands left so I'll cheer for them instead

Going to watch it on TV. ^^
Don't know who I will support since I like the South America teams more. But it is probably going to be Germany. ^^

Can you still purchase tickets?

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I'm not that big of a football fan but I'll still support my country (aka Italy) and maybe I'll watch a couple matches on TV.Still I don't think we can match in any way or form our performance of 2012 when we reached 2nd place. Still It'll be interesting to see how Germany will compare to 2014...

Edit: also I want to see rising either France or Portugal so that they win in 2018 the world cup so that we have 2006-Italy, 2010-Spain 2014-Germany 2018-France/Portugal

I wanted to but time and money is an issue sadly. Picking as Iceland as my underdog team this year.

Hmm, pie.

Nah, be a waste of money, England will be out of the group stage, while the media and the other leading teams over hype us.

It's in France, so nope
I'll watch the Spanish matches from pubs or at home.


(I'll change my avi when we start ^^)


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I wanted to, but honestly the risk of attacks is a bit too high for my liking. I have a feeling that something is going to happen. Hope I'm wrong though.