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Forums - Website Topics - Having trouble uploading photos

has anyone else had this problem? it keeps coming up with some error when I try to upload photos to my album.

maybe I'm just doing it wrong, I dunno, I'm hopeless with this sort of thing XD

I have to go now but I will check up on this thread later. thank you in advance for your help guys ^_^

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You have to use Firefox if you want to upload photos.

I take it that you're using Internet Explorer?


Firefox is so much better than IE anyway

Do yourself a favor and upgrade. Adblocker plus means no popups!

Yeah, the upload thingy won't work in IE for some reason. If you prefer IE over FireFox, you could just download FF and use it only for uploading pics here and use IE for everything else. Though I can tell you from my personal experience that you probably won't want to go back to IE after using FF for a while. If you DO end up getting FF, definitely download the Adblock Plus add-on. (

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Well the types of images you can upload is limited to like jpeg and gif I believe maybe a couple others but I remember the first time I tried to upload a image I had to convert it to jpeg first.

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Once you go FF, you'll never look at other browsers (I've tried over 10 different browsers and none compare to Firefox).
Firefox 3 should be out this spring if all is on track!

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Firefox FTW. I had trouble when using IE, FF is much better.

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This is what I do,
I take the picture to paint save it as a gif type, and then it uploads
( but the picture is not good quality when you do that)

Yea Firefox is much better. I really hate the layout of IE too. What were they thinking???!!!???

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Also, after you complete the upload it will still give you an error on the page saying the file has to be in such and such format. Ignore the error message as it works anyway.

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im haveing same problem but i dont want to pay for the upgrade

consoles i own ps12 gba ds gc wii