Forums - Gaming Discussion - Star Fox Zero adds invincible mode for beginners, internet reacts

Does this actually bother anyone here?

No 217 67.18%
Sort of 30 9.29%
YEs 46 14.24%
Other explain below 2 0.62%
see results 28 8.67%

The only people I can see complaining about this are those who know they will be tempted to use it but who don't want to admit it.

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my 4 year old will love this!!!!

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Player2 said:

That won't work, you have to give the player the false impression that they're accomplishing something even if they play like garbage, that's why games are plagued with things like auto-aim, jump assist, regen health or have checkpoints every five minutes.

On the other hand playing in "beginner" mode requires oneself to accept that you aren't any good, hence the backlash.


Wouldn't it be better if instead of invincibility, the easiest mode granted you all that? Or something like Resident Evil 4, where certain gameplay sections were blocked until you played on a higher difficulty?

Invincibility was a cheat (or an unlockable extra) back in the day. It was also one of the reasons why the Prince of Persia reboot was so terrible.

Anything that's optional should be treated with indifference by the ones who don't use it.

S.T.A.G.E. said:
JRPGfan said:

distraction for those too young to play video games.

Take baby, place him infront of tv, get him to mash buttons.... watch him beat the game, and have fun hitting the gamepad buttons.

Get a child a Nintendo Wii rudamentary motions.. This game is meant for a different crowd. I was pretty young when I first beat Star Fox 64, myself. Nintendo is trying to pander to a focus group that doesnt want real games if they are givng them invincible mode. This is exactly why the Wii was so popular and broke the mold. Most of the people who bought it werent gamers.

That's very strong denial.

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Wtf? Why would anyone even be mad at this? I highly welcome this for any game. I have nephews and nieces that are too young to be decent at games just yet. If anything, this should boost their confidence into wanting to do harder difficulties sometime in the future if they love the game enough.

T_T ..wish Dark Souls had this option xD

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And I totally don't mind having this mode.  I agree that it is better to have this optional mode, than to change the game design to make the whole game easier...

I think they could come to a comprimise whereby the invincible mode remains, but it displays a large watermark over the entire screen: "You are playing baby mode, you are not a real gamer, everyone will look down on you, scum."

Lol no problem with this.
But I'm also glad Dark Souls isn't developed by Nintendo.