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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Worst 7 Female Stereotypes in Videogames That Need to Go

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What a shitty article. The author also lacks examples that would benefit their credibility greatly, especially in the last example when they make up an example versus giving us a real one. You can't throw out accusations like this article is making without proper evidence to support it.

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This is kind of idiotic, honestly. Most videogame characters, male and female, aren't very deep, thus falling into the realm of stereotypes. Not every game should be written like high level literature.

Basically, what this article is saying that is women shouldn't be in videogames unless they conform to a very, very narrow preconception. That's pretty absurd, not to mention self-centered, since male characters fill these secondary roles all the time.

The more intelligent solution would be to simply ask for more diverse female roles in videogames, not to eliminate stereotypes for females only.

spemanig said:
Tails is a male Damsel in Distress. No one cries sexism.
Mario in Luigi's Mansion is a male Damsel in Distress. No one cries sexism.
Dante is meant to be eye candy and a badass. Ain't nobody mad.
Drake is meant to be eye candy and a badass. Ain't nobody mad.

TallSilhouette said:

I'm saving this.

Well, this is new.


BraLoD said:

Nope, don't agree, developers should have freedom to do characters spawing from any kind of possibilities, and if they want a prostitute, a damsel in distress, a badass strong female character or anything else, they should do it without a second thought.

What should stop is people trying to put a limit or rule to a creative work, just fuck off.

100% this!

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TallSilhouette said:

And the problem is that statements like these don't get recognized by the vocal modern day feminists.

This has "typical SJW feminazi bullshit article" written all over it.

Seriously, TWO sections of this article are devoted to "sexualizing womenz, oh noez!"

Cry me a f'ing river.

TallSilhouette said:

I was going to post, but this nails it.

Types of crying that needs to go away...this article makes number 1.

Seriously the stereotypes surround all genders and ethnic groups. Get over it. These developers should be free to create their own vision without oversensitive activists trying to force their own ideals and visions down our throats. They are truly the worst kind of people in this world (well, aside from the obvious major criminals in the world. You get my point).

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Contrary to popular belief women also like to see beautiful women. Arguably more then men. So not only do these scantily clad women appeal to a lot of men, but they also appeal to a lot of women. When the women are beautiful they essentially have two markets, the men who like to play as sexy women and the women. While a macho man would only have men play them for the most part. I don't know how many women would like to play as Zangief for example... But many men and women would play as Chun Li.