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What do you think of Stephen Curry?

Incredible 50 29.41%
Spectacular 25 14.71%
Unreal 27 15.88%
Overrated 16 9.41%
Small 1 0.59%
Hyped-up. 4 2.35%
Best in the World 21 12.35%
A Bad Shot taker 2 1.18%
Pretty Good 13 7.65%
Meh Give me (insert player here) 11 6.47%

described using a whole bunch of different adjectives.
But I'll say this about him: Being born in 1996 and watching the game since 2001  (Bolded for those people who are going to come at me with the Michael Jordan comments. Never saw the guy play while in his prime. Agree that he's the GOAT but I never saw him while he was being the GOAT, so bear with me) from the days of the Kobe-Shaq Lakers, Duncan's Spurs, the rise of LeBron, D-Wade, Durant, CP3, and all of these great players and great teams that have come and gone, I'll say this:
In terms of just pure skills and fundamentals, alone, Stephen Curry is the greatest basketball player I have ever seen in my life!
In terms of all the basic fundamentals of basketball: Shooting. Finishing around the rim. Ball-Handling. Defense. Rebounding. Efficiency. All of those things he is able to do on the floor.
Never before in my life, have I watched a LIVE basketball game and seen a guy who can dominate and have such a HUGE impact over the complexion of a game the way Steph can!
I mean... How in the hell are you going to stop him?!? This guy can LITERALLY pull up from HALF-COURT like it's a 20 ft mid-range jumpshot!!! There is no such thing as a "bad shot" with this guy!!! And on top of being the GREATEST SHOOTER EVER. (He is, sorry Ray Allen), he is an outstanding passer and can play the PG position extremely well if he feels like it. He's a great rebounder for a 6'3" 190lb PG! And he can play some defense too! He's among the top 5 players in the league in both steals per game (2.1 SPG) and top 3 in total steals on the season thus far (trailing Russell Westbrook and Ricky Rubio). So he isn't just about offense, he's also an above average defender too!
All of those things, plus he has the stone-cold killer mentality that can just demoralize opponents. Players like Larry Bird, Michael, and Kobe who have the "Assassin" gene, this guy has it!
Taking that all into account, can anyone come up with a Curry-proof plan to stop him!?!

This guy is, right now, far and away the best basketball player on this planet!
He is the runaway favorite to win his 2nd MVP, he is the motor leading his Warriors, who are making a serious run at topping the '96 Bulls' 72-10 NBA record and are the favorites to go repeat as NBA Champs, he has is averaging 5 threes a game, he has made 276 so far this year, with 25 games left in the regular season. Let's say he keeps up that pace. 25x5= 125. 125+276=401.... FOUR HUNDRED AND ONE 3-POINTERS IN ONE SEASON!!!! AND HE'S SHOOTING 46% FROM DOWNTOWN, SO HE ISN'T JUST TAKING A LOT OF THREES, HE'S MAKING DAMN NEAR HALF OF THEM!!! And on the topic of shooting percentages, he's also shooting 51% from the field and 91% from the Free Throw line THIS BALL GOES UP; IT GOES IN. So he's in line for a 50-40-90 season... while averaging 30.4 points a game so far! If he keeps THAT up. He'll be the very first player in NBA history to record a 50-40-90 season while averaging OVER 30.0 PPG!! And keep in mind, he's only averaging around 34 minutes game! There have been many times where he has sat out the entire 4th quarter!!!

Watching him do his thing on the court is such a beautiful thing to watch!

I say this, without an ounce of doubt in my mind, in terms of just skill and fundamentals:
Stephen Curry is the greatest basketball player I have ever seen in my life! (LIVE, while still playing)

But that's just me. How about you guys?

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He is a super saiyan.

I honestly feel he is using performing enhancing drugs

The best shooter in the history of basketball


Yeah, I think most of the doubt has been removed. He's the best right now and he's only going to get better. He's got a long way to go before he can topple Jordan but ... well, we shall see. Jordan was a machine who could do anything he wanted and Curry has that same vibe. Lebron, for whatever reason, has it sometimes and then doesn't have it other times. Another person I remember with that same sense of control over the entire court was pre-injury Grant Hill. It's a rare thing.

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He's playing great this season (no duh), but Jordan obviously was on another planet.

I think people really don't understand how dominant a prime Shaq was either.

After Jordan at his peak, Shaq is the most dominant force I've ever seen on a basketball court, and it's not even that close to be honest.

I'm 36 AND from Chicago, so I got to see Jordan and those Bulls teams as they happened. This also means I have seen Kobe, Lebron and now Curry. With all due respect to those three guys, none of them begin to compare to MJ. He was literally bigger than the hype, and the hype was out of this world. He was Secretariat. He was Babe Ruth. The things he did in the playoffs and finals were just unbelievable (meaning, if you weren't there and have only used youtube, you literally can't fathom what we all witnessed). The guy was inhuman and was at a level that will never be reached again.

He was so good that if I watch Lebron or Curry, I am constantly thinking "Jordan would have done that better". That's the void he left behind. He was so great, that I'm now ruined for the NBA. It's just not the same.

I won't dispute that. Jordan set the standard for every superstar player afterwards for sure. He took the game and took it to a completely different level in terms of popularity. He transcended the game and became a legit worldwide icon! We'll never again see someone like Michael. Just like I think we'll never see another like Steph.

If his face grew twice as big as before and he seriously bulked up, then I think you'd be on to something. But he still looks like the same skinny little kid that got drafted out of Davidson back in 2009, so I doubt it.

Wait til he fully tranforms to Midorima. Full court shot here we go.

“Ore no... Kachi da!”