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Boutros said:
JNK said:

lol. unfortunaly gwg was superior almost always (says a sad ps owner). talking only about games playable on 8th gen systems.

I don't see why I should disregard the PS3/PSV.

i dont have those system so i dont care about their games.

GWG at least gives some aa or even aaa games (Ac4, LotF, Tomb Raider and more + you can play 360 games on the one).

Sony really got lazy in terms of great ps+ games (for ps4) scince ps4 is that dominant.

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I have to say the two PS3 games are horrendous. And I'm not talking about quality but it feels like Sony was trying to come up with the oldest and cheapest digital titles they could think of. C'mon when you have a backlog of over 1000 retail games, you can't just give away two 8 year old digital games.

We have yet to get anything Japanese related for PS4

Can we get Onechanbara Z? Tembo?

Galak Z is excellent, i dont know about broforce

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I actually prefer getting indies on PS+ and GwG. I usually just buy a retail game and prefer to have the disc in most cases, so this gives me a chance to play some gems I would otherwise overlook. I really think people are feeling too entitled with the offerings of something that is FREE.

PS+ and GwG on current gen are for online play and other services. The games are nothing more than a bonus. Now the question of if we should have to pay for online at all is justified is another topic entirely, but the free games? They are fine. We really just got spoiled with gen 7, which at the time was what the service was about. But that was the past, get over it and move on.

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ReimTime said:
Absolute aids

Aids , cancer and ebola !!!


Asia ps+


Beyond two souls? That is a surprise.

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Aerys said:
Galak Z is excellent, i dont know about broforce

For what it's worth, I think Broforce is just the bees knees.

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Boutros said:
That's the first time I think GwG beats PS+.


I have both and since PS4 launched, Sony has been pushing indie games we don't care about in a big way.

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