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Forums - Sports Discussion - Kobe or Lebron?


Kobe or Lebron?

Kobe 118 67.05%
Lebron 58 32.95%

Which one do you have more fun watching?




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I had more fun watching kobe specially because I was a lakers hater. I also enjoyed how his playing style was similar to Jordan unlike LeBron style.

Allen Iverson

I haven't had fun watching anyone since Jordan retired. I was a kid of the 80's and a teenager in the 90's so I got to see him at the height of his powers and once you see him, everything else just won't do.

kobe by far. Lebron is highly overrated

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LeBron. He's more of a Magic type player than Jordan, in that he is well rounded skill wise and makes every player around him better. Kobe is just a scorer.

Lebron of course


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When I was younger, I watched this video everyday

I don't know if that answer's your question...

If we are speaking on "fun" then LBJ because of his over all skill set and balance as a player. He makes the game more exciting by getting his teammates involved. Kobe is more so like Jordan AMAZING players who went for the kill and the throat.

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In all of basketball, my 2 most disliked players of All time(I actually did like LeBron until 2007). I respect their talent and what they've done for the game of basketball. Considering I dislike Kobe and the Lakers with a passion as opposed to LeBron only, I'd have to pick Kobe for the most fun watching.