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Wow... wow... there is no "first" on that article, you made that up. It just says the NX is the sucessor to the 3DS.

This i find within the realm of possibility.

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dongo8 said:
TheLegendofDS said:
Going by this article one of their analyst believes that the NX handheld is coming out this year so this is pretty much speculation.Like other NX hh coming out in 2016 are speculation by analysts.

True, but he has a great reason behind the speculation. The screen sizes. There are varying screen sizes being made, 3" and 5" which implies to him that Nintendo is going to stick with the standard and XL sizes of a handheld. They wouldn't need varying screen sizes if they were all for just the NX controller or whatever it is haha. Also, the Wii U gamepad screen size was over 6" so they would at least match that with a new tablet style controller, telling us that these screens are not for the home console. Just my take.


It doesnt say anything about multiple screen sizes, it just said screens between 3.1-5 inches will see a rise in shipments. Even if there was a 3" & 5" screen being made, that could simply be 3" for bottom screen & 5" for top screen.

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Next handheld this year?

Wow if so Yokai watch needs to be launch title as well ad a good Mario - maybe Mario Maker - and finally Minecraft on Nintendo handheld.


Pavolink said:
JRPGfan said:

At least it would have 5 years and consumers won't lose confidence on Nintendo, despite the delays, droughts, low sales, unambitious library, a wasteland ahead... No! Only a random cycle matters.


Wow Pavolink. You made some good points i agree with there. 

Anyways, its pretty expectable that we will get Pikmin 4 and Paper mario U aswell this year. If i had to guess SMTxFE will release on the second half aswell... and if the Wii U is sticking around for a while longer, theres a pretty good chance Retro's new title will still come out for it.

Will be interesting to see what happens.

zorg1000 said:
WoodenPints said:
Weather it comes out in 2016 or 2017 I would really like to see a release of both handheld and console at the same time. Seems daft to be unifying there handheld and console then splitting there release up, Makes it seem somewhat non-unified.


I agree. Same Day. Same Games. Same Price. Your Choice.

Same day means neither system will sell as much up front, as few people will have enough cash to buy two expensive bits of hardware at once. Same games means there's little incentive for the majority to ever buy both systems. Same price means a horribly expensive handheld or a really underpowered home console.


This is pure speculation, since exactly zero about the NX has been confirmed yet, but the "unified" part appears likely to me to be referring less to hardware specs and more about the operating software. If that's the case, it would be unnecessary to release both systems at once.

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The article you quote does not say Nintendo will release the handheld first. It simply cites sources that expect Nintendo will order displays for handheld units in 2016. Maybe the WSJ article says something different but I can't read that in full. The article you quoted does not indicate the home console will come later.

So, it's happening like I always said? Where are these "everything points to a simultaneous release of handheld and home console in 2016!"-guys now?

WoodenPints said:

Makes it seem somewhat non-unified.

Yeah. Could be because it won't be unified ;)

(like I always said btw)

dongo, dongo, dongo...

Nowhere does it say that the handheld will launch first. You are making things up.

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Yeah, it makes sense. But idk, maybe they should be released together since they are unified? That is, if rumors are to be believed.

Anyway, I'm just happy they'll release something new. 3DS is too outdated already, we desperately need a new handheld... one that at least match Vita in specs/power.

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God guys, so touchy with the thread titles! But you're right, so maybe NX is just ONE piece of hardware, who knows? But, I was running under the assumption that there was a home console as well, since Nintendo has pretty much already stated that there is indeed a home console in the works. Anyways, sorry for the title being off, I have altered it to reflect a correct statement.

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