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Nobody has made the obligatory vagina joke yet, so I will go with vagina.

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I made some honey mustard baked chicken tonight. It was ok, but there was too much chicken. Whoever supplied these chickens to the grocery store must have some bomb ass steroids for chicken.

I'm craving some toast with spicy red pepper jelly right now. Will probably make a slice before bed.

I love spicy food, pretty much no one else in my immediate family does. Which kind of sucks because I never get to incorporate it much into my cooking for the wife and kids.

A slim jim

craving: nachos and cheese ~Thank you Stefl1504 for the amazing sig~

I just had soy yoghurt...

Bowl of porridge with raisins.

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I actually ate some salad (like, just the green actual salad leaves) before I went to bed...

Don't judge me, we had leftovers from tacos and I wanted to eat something... it was there... tempting me.... so I just took a small handful of the green devils and ate it.... then another hand.... then I went to bed.

I'm craving my breakfast which Imma eat in roughly 3 minutes.

Last thing i ate was rice and brocoli. Even if it was good i crave a big kebab !

o: Mexican food?



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Sichuan beef. mmm, Chinese food

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a curry dish... why?


What are you really craving right now?

a Cappuccino.... like this one: