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Which one gotta go?

Kingdom Hearts 74 46.84%
Fire Emblem 53 33.54%
Persona 31 19.62%

Another edition of "one gotta go" is here, not sure if I´m going to keep doing this daily (most likely I´ll do it weekly)

Anyway last time, with 55% of the votes, Mortal Kombat was picked as the fighter franchise that has to go.


Time for a new contest please read before you vote because some people misunderstood and voted wrong.

So what´s this thing about? easy, I choose 3 games (or franchises) of the same genre (or similar) and you pick the one you would eliminate from history (meaning it never existed so you never got a chance to play it)


Please be sure to share some comments when you vote because I do like reading your thoughts

If you have some ideas for the contest please let me know (I know I can use some )


Let´s take a look at the 3 franchises of this edition





So, which one gotta go?


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Kingdom Hearts for me

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Easy choice for me, Kingdom Hearts, as I've never played it.

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Damn - that is tough.

Although I havent played Fire Emblem (and I plan to soon) - I'll need to vote for Fire Emblem due to the fact that Kingdom Hearts is my 2nd most favorite RPG franchise and Persona is fantastic and in my top 5 as well.


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I'll go with Kingdom Hearts.

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Kingdom hearts.

I love Fire Emblem and the SMT series, although I haven't played Persona.. Yet. But due to my love of SMT and Atlus and the hype for Persona 5, I'm sticking with Kingdom Hearts.

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Kingdom Hearts

Dayum ;(!

Ya'll like Fire Emblem and Persona xD


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I'll go with Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts is the only one where I haven't completed a game in the series, but I have started the first one and will go back to finish eventually. For Persona, I've only beaten 4(and 4G), but it's up there in my favorite games. Fire Emblem is my second favorite RPG series after Pokemon. I've beaten every game in the series that has been localized and loved every one of them, even Shadow Dragon.

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BasilZero said:

Dayum ;(!

Ya'll like Fire Emblem and Persona xD

Hey at least persona has one vote now