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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Would Nintendo Software Sales Increase If They Go 3rd Party?

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Would Nintendo Software Sales Increase If They Go 3rd Party?

Yes 53 45.30%
They Might... 24 20.51%
No 40 34.19%

I was just over at IGN trying to reasonate with some of the most idiodic members ever. BTW, one of my first times on the site and more profanity was shot my way than a Samuel L. Jackson movie on steroids. But, that's besides the point. One of the members did bring up an interesting point about Nintendo's software sales. Would games like Mario and Zelda sell much better if they were made available on PS5 and Xbox Two?

I honestly believe that the software sales would increase, but not by much. The demographic of PS4 and XboxOne is comprised of  more mature and hard core gamers. Something Nintendo isn't really known for housing anymore. I even wonder how Nintendo aims to claim back gamers with NX given the current distribution of gamers among the 3 powers. I don't think gamers will be willing to drop their current consoles just to buy an NX and play Mario and Zelda.

Mind you, Nintendo has been doing wonders in software this generation but I just came to a realization that OneKartVita posted. Call of Duty is at 250 Million, only 25 Million behind Pokemon...which debuted much much earlier than Call of Duty. All it takes is Call of Duty Black Ops 4 to beat out Pokemon and Mario would be next. That boggles my mind. But it also got me thinking if the multiplatform effect helps out sales any. Would a game like New Super Mario Bros Wii have sold 40-50 Million had it been available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC? I don't know but it would be interesting to find out. However, we can only dream as Nintendo is still dedicated to their proprietary hardware.

What do you guys think? Would Nintendo's IP have greater selling potential as multiplats? Speak you mind!

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I made a thread a couple weeks ago showing that the majority of Nintendo franchises are largely unaffected by install base. Only a few show massive disparities based on track size of the user base which leads me to believe that these select few titles would see growth but overall Nintendo franchises would be stagnant as a 3rd party developer.

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No. Actually tends to decrease the sales because the console owners would have more choices of games to buy.

paulrage2 said:
No. Actually tends to decrease the sales because the console owners would have more choices of games to buy.

Really? I mean, what if Halo was multiplat? Would it necessarily hurt overall sales of the game? You'd have it on Xbone and it would sell what it has sold as of now, along with PS4 sales. If Nintendo would go 3rd party, there'd be 2 consoles to choose from and Nintendo fans, just like the Sega fans, would have no other choice but to buy one of the two and purchase Nintendo's content. I don't think it could hurt more than it helps. Sonic Adventure sold worse on Dreamcast than say Sonic heroes which was on 3 platforms. That's the kind of situation I'm proposing here.

It would never happen but they would indeed sell waaaay more. Especially mario,zelda and pokemon.

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I think the sales of their big, mainstream IPs would increase substantially, ie. Mario (both 2D and 3D), Mario Kart, Zelda at the top of my head. Their lesser known franchises would probably see increases, but more moderate (both relatively and absolute unit wise).

no, it would not sell more. nintendo's games have the reputation they do because their philosophy involves realizing the intimate relationship between hardware and software. it is like yin-yang. that is their philosophy and how they operate. if you take that away, you dont really have the same game anymore. nintendo wouldnt function the same. they would be broken.

Nah. I think Nintendo's best bet would be to unify their library and come up with a console/handheld equivalent for their NX platform. People who want to round out their gaming library will just buy the cheaper handheld device and use it as a companion console the same way many PS3/360/PC owners used the Wii/DS last generation. Those Nintendo fans that want the full Nintendo experience would just opt to buy the console version.

I believe that if Nintendo went 3rd party, they'd lower output and focus their attention on their biggest money makers like Animal Crossing, Mario, Zelda and Pokemon because they'd no longer have a need to diversify their library and could focus entirely on what sells. Also, I could see Nintendo focusing a hell of a lot more on mobile than they would on consoles because of three reasons -- they pay way more attention to the Japanese market than the western market and mobile is huge there while the console market is dying. Console development would be significantly more expensive than just churning out mobile games and the demand for Nintendo games would be significantly better on mobile than it would be on consoles.

It's actually funny to me that a lot of the people who want Nintendo to go 3rd party are also the same console fanboys that constantly rag that all Nintendo makes are baby casual games that they wouldn't be caught dead playing. If that's the case, why would Nintendo spend the funds to push their games on platforms full of ultra serious hardkore gamers like them when there's another market that better fits their style on mobile?

Their bigger name IPs would definitely sell significantly more, but that's about it.

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Ultrashroomz said:
Their bigger name IPs would definitely sell significantly more, but that's about it.

how much more, do you think? and which franchises?

what do you think mario kart would have sold if it were on ps4?