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I was just over at IGN trying to reasonate with some of the most idiodic members ever. BTW, one of my first times on the site and more profanity was shot my way than a Samuel L. Jackson movie on steroids. But, that's besides the point. One of the members did bring up an interesting point about Nintendo's software sales. Would games like Mario and Zelda sell much better if they were made available on PS5 and Xbox Two?

I honestly believe that the software sales would increase, but not by much. The demographic of PS4 and XboxOne is comprised of  more mature and hard core gamers. Something Nintendo isn't really known for housing anymore. I even wonder how Nintendo aims to claim back gamers with NX given the current distribution of gamers among the 3 powers. I don't think gamers will be willing to drop their current consoles just to buy an NX and play Mario and Zelda.

Mind you, Nintendo has been doing wonders in software this generation but I just came to a realization that OneKartVita posted. Call of Duty is at 250 Million, only 25 Million behind Pokemon...which debuted much much earlier than Call of Duty. All it takes is Call of Duty Black Ops 4 to beat out Pokemon and Mario would be next. That boggles my mind. But it also got me thinking if the multiplatform effect helps out sales any. Would a game like New Super Mario Bros Wii have sold 40-50 Million had it been available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC? I don't know but it would be interesting to find out. However, we can only dream as Nintendo is still dedicated to their proprietary hardware.

What do you guys think? Would Nintendo's IP have greater selling potential as multiplats? Speak you mind!