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Forums - Gaming Discussion - gamrConnect Presents: Their 350 Greatest Games

Ocarina of Time on first place yet again.

I'm more surprised that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is still holding up, I believe gaining one position despite last year. Super Mario World at number 2 is incredibly impressive, only a shoo-in for number one.

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Holy shit, Smeags you are incredible.
This was an awesome idea and I thank you for the hard work you put into it.
Wow, just lovely.

Wow. Awesome organization and formatting.

Bioshock not nearly high enough on the list.

Good Job smeags, I'm not shocked at who is #1 but I was hoping for Mystery dungeon to make the top 100 :(

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Earthbound made #46, that's crazy, In a good way. Best game ever made, fight me. Big difference from last year when it was #103

Nice to see FFIX sitting at 31, a slight improvement over last year where it was at #34, best FF frfr.

Halo 3 went down, which isn't surprising, last year it made #50, this year it's at #58 D:

So much work, thanks Smeags.

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This is, by far, the worst top 50 video game list I have ever seen in all my 36 years on earth.

Awesome, thanks for your hard work Smeags!

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Great work, Smeags. What a marvelous bunch of video games.

Dang, there are quite a number of newer times at the top of the list, and many of my favs being high on the list. While my no.1 fav isn't in even in the top 50, at least it's at no. 92.

Good work Smeags xD



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Amazing work with the lists 

Nice to see my GOAT Xenoblade so high

Dragon Quest 8 deserves more love

KH1 and KH2 had great positions but KH Birth by Sleep deserves a lot more love.

Ocarina of Time