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Forums - Gaming Discussion - gamrConnect Presents: Their 350 Greatest Games

green_sky said:


Damn, it's always hard replying this way.


Wright said:


Twin Snakes has aged better than vanilla MGS2 and 3. If you take Substance and Subsistance into consideration then i guess they are about equal. This is based on my memory of them as i have not played them recently and don't intend to. 


I'm not sure I agree. I never liked the revamped cutscenes, and some strange gaming designs (like giving you the non-lethal weapon after having to endure a part where you have to neutralize some enemies yes or yes). Gameplay-wise? It's probably better than the first indeed.


Wright said:


· Bioshock and Shadow of the Colossus doesn't deserve to  be in the Top 50, in my honest opinion. There are other games which should take their spot, like ICO or even Bioshock: Infinite.

Both were pretty revolutionary. It terms of how they make you feel as a player. Struggled to finish Ico. Terrible puzzles and bad pacing. Game had a lot of heart though. 

I struggled with Shadow of the Colossus. Game was simply barren and awkward to play (I know it was supposed to be barren, but uh), and I wasn't captured by its "magic" aura.


Wright said:

· Super Mario Galaxy at the fourth spot? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

Game is so revered on the interwebs that people find faulty logic reasons to play down its Wii U sequel. Saying that 3D world is not 3D, despite it saying right in the title. 

I definitively prefer 3D world; I was just mostly complaining about Super Mario Galaxy being way too high.


Wright said:

· No Resident Evil 5 in the whole list? For real, VGChartz? The best Resident Evil doesn't make the cut this year? Yet there's Resident Evil 4 in the sixth spot?

Maybe. Game's quality varies if you are playing with AI. 


Give her a handgun or a sniper rifle and we're golden with the AI.


Wright said:

· Uncharted 1 > Uncharted 3. Their places should be switched.

No way. The first game hasn't aged well despite the improvements made in Drake Collection. Other than it having the freshness of new IP. Not sure it excels in anything compared to Uncharted 3. 


Story and difficulty departments. Uncharted 3 story was awkward, too convenient and all over the place.


Wright said:

· No Dragon's Dogma in the list pains me. That game could very well enter my Top Ten even considering all its flaws. Still, not being in the list is saddening.

Did they patch in fast travel in that expansion update thing?


The expansion, Dark Arisen (which is pretty much the only version you can find nowadays, and includes the vanilla game) fixed it by allowing you to purchase as many portcrystals as you wished (though you can only plant fifteen in the world, but those are more than enough).


Wright said:

· Seriously, that Top One game...argh. Will it never be kicked out of its throne?

Next year, Fluster Cluck 2 with dethrone it. 


If only VGC would hear you...if only.

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Thanks again guys for all your kind words. It really is a draining project and to receive such support afterwards is rejuvenating.

A couple of interesting points:

1. For the first thirty or so lists I received, Pokemon Gold/Silver was actually leading the pack, with Ocarina of Time quite a few votes off. However, OoT stayed consistent in its votes while Pokemon couldn't keep up.

2. OoT received 11 first place votes, with Chrono Trigger being second with 5. Legend of Dragoon's only vote was its first place vote by BraLoD (Sorry bud :()

3. This year marked the first time where participation was down compared to the previous year (boo!), although it was still the second most popular event we've had (yay!).


Anyways, I just wanted to thank everyone who participated or even showed support for the event. I've been doing this for six years now and I adore it. To me, there's nothing better than all gamers coming together not out of competition or confrontation, but instead to share the games that they love with one another. It puts a smile on my face year after year. For those of you who have been here since year one, to those who have just started this year, and even those popping up to show your support: thank you. It means a lot to me! ^_^

Your pal,

-Patrick "Smeags" McNamara

I somehow missed this thread. Great work as always Smeags.

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