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Trump got elected already?!?

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That's absolutely disgusting behavior. And to think shit like this is being encouraged

That's terrible move...

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they did them a favour tbh.

"Dream Holiday" would have been a nightmare for that family if they landed.



I can understand it though, in my country alone, both Murder and rape is common news every week since the invasion of Muslim refugee's. They even vandalize and beat people up in the streets, burning cars and causing riots because they lack the patience to wait 20 min until the dining hall opens. They even shit on the floor and complains about how dirty everything is afterwards, expecting us to clean up after them. Death-treats and stalking kids at schools and bitching, bitching and bitching about luxury and shit. Trust me, all this have been uncommon in Norway. out of 20 rapes, 1 of them is ethnic-Norwegian. I don't think US realize how violence and crime are rapidly increasing even among the most peaceful nations in Europe and that US have increased it's security.

I honestly do not believe every Muslim is a treat, especially those who have lived in Europe their entire life but i do agree that caution is advised, especially since 90% of world Muslims hates America after 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq, Iran etc etc and also because Europe have got a lot of terror-treats as well as they find bombs and weapons among refugee's all the time..

There is no way for us or moderate Muslim's to know who is radical or not, basically the blame is on the threat's, not the security measures that are being taken to prevent innocent lives lost.

Also, the West have killed a lot of Middle-eastern innocent's as well, but punishing innocent people for something their government did, will just add more fuel to the fire.

The security could have treated it professional, even with suspicion and so on, take a background check and identity-check, ask tons of questions and if there are no further suspicions other then a dumb religion, let them have their holiday or give a full refund for the trip. 

I don't trust any religions, least of a Religion that is translate  into Submission.. and Christianity for their: I can do whatever i want, then i ask forgiveness and now i got a clean consiense. 


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chapset said:
Trump got elected already?!?

Indeed. He's taken up station in the california airport with religon-o-meters.

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chapset said:
Trump got elected already?!?

That's a legitimate question.

Muslims carry out terrorist acts
Muslims being prejudiced

Hardly surprising.

And they couldn't get refunded? Why is it OK to do that to someone for no reason. And hatred isn't a valid reason.

Well, Trump isn't the President, nor does he set policy. And even if he were President, a desire to ban Muslims from the US, wouldn't pass SCOTUS scrutiny and is a stupid thing to get worried about. Anyone who actually thinks any such legislation has a chance to pass through the House/Senate and Supreme Court is quite literally an idiot.

As far as this family?  I won't speculate, as I simply don't know (neither does the Guardian, or this MP).