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Forums - General Discussion - I pulled a horrible prank on my cousin will he ever forgive me?

This same thing happened to me in high school (it wasn't as elaborate). I'll spare you the details and say it was devastating. I've never really gotten over it and it stays with me to this day. The feeling of feeling completely alone and then finally having someone notice you, is an incredible feeling. What's truly devastating is having that ripped away from you, everything you knew was a lie, and your back to that point of loneliness, but it's much worse now. This sort of thing can last a lifetime. This is no joke.

Don't believe how serious this is? Google "Ryan Halligan's suicide".

@those who are saying the story is fake: It doesn't matter if it is, or not. It's happened, and it's nothing short of bullying in the cruelest of sense.

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John2290 said:
V-r0cK said:
Sorry bruh but this one crossed the line. You're such a fattydingdong.

Pranks are good and all but when you start playing with people's emotions that's been as long as a week then that's a bit much. A prank should just be instant and over with.

So instantly crush the poor lad? 

In a sense, yes.  

His cousin had a week of emotions building, falling for the girl.  If the girl was playing the first day then revealed the prank, then at least the cousin didn't have enough time to build feelings for her and wouldn't have been so crushed.

To the OP, you realize you have permanently changed that boys life for the worse, he will never have that leave him, you betrayed his trust, to do that to such a nice guy, your cousin is one of the lowest and most damaging acts you could have inflicted on him

open a stream , put a rope from the ceiling and hang him , surely his cousin will feel better about it , of course you deserve and by such brutal and callous act on his part , thought that he never can have confidence in talk to other girls by that joke? finally let the guy if he really want his friendship again he will talk to you .


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Dude, seriously? That's pretty low.

I wouldn't expect him to forgive you anytime soon, if ever.

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im gonna be brutally honest here... if i was him i would have punched you in the face, now in terms of what you can do, well you can start by not bullying him anymore with those type of subjects, (actually dont bully him at all), also you shouldnt expect him to forgive you, just be glad if he ever does.

so what's his punishment in the end?
- a ban for a week with a cheerful f... y.. as a message

(and if it's a joke:
- a ban for a month with a angry f... y.. a.s.o.e as a message)

All 3 of you involved in this are f***ing shit for brains trash. And I thought maybe you were a kid. It says you're 23 in your profile. TWENTY THREE! WTF is wrong with you? Who does shit like this at that age? Learn from this. Anyways, I'm done. Hope you're cousin is ok. And in spite of my admonishment, hope you are ok too. You've taken some (well deserved) heat over this.

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This sounds like the beginning of until dawn. Just whatever you do don't go to an isolated cabin with him.

On a serious note though, give it time and be mindful of what you are doing. These pranks aren't worth it and can comeback to bite you on the ass.

Let him punch you.