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Forums - General Discussion - I pulled a horrible prank on my cousin will he ever forgive me?

FattyDingDong said:

So my cousin Jim is 18 years old now and he is a bit shy and timid around girls and has never had a girlfriend or even any friends. Although he is a pretty smart kid at school and excels in each class. So me and my other cousin Tom love to tease him a lot for our amusement (yes it's horrible and we shouldn't..). But he is always nice about it and never gets mad at us.. perhaps because he knows we are bigger than him and he can't hurt us? or maybe its just that he has a kind heart, that could also be a reason why.  So anyways recently my other cousin Tom suggested we should ask one of our female friends to "pretend" to like Jim and show interest in him.. We thought that would be hilarious.  At first our friend Ashley was hesitant to do it but we finally convinced her.. We told her no kissing or making out just make him feel good and pretend you like him romantically.. So for the entire week Ashley was talking to Jim, she was texting him , going to movies etc.  Eventually, Jim became so utterly happy I had never seen him like this before. We thought it was amusing and we couldn't help but laugh.. but Ashley insisted that it should be over and we should just tell him it was a prank because shes tired of pretending. So the 3 of us decided to invite him to my place to tell him. When he arrived he had flowers with him which he gave to Ashley..  I saw the look on his face he had the most happiest face i had seen in my life(not exagerrating).  So then Jim looks at me and Tom and he hugs us saying "guys I just wanna thank you for arranging a date between me and Ashley if it wasnt for you i would never meet her!"  And then something shocking happened which made me feel horrible..  he started weeping out of joy and saying he thought he would never have a girl to like him ever but he is glad that that isn't true any longer..  At this point, Ashley was just looking down out of guilt and embarassment and Tom just gave me a look that said "you tell him..".    Thus, I had to find the courage to calmly explain to Jim that Ashley was in fact hired by us to pretend to like you for a week because we thought it would be funny however we are sorry because we did not realize that this could potentially hurt your feelings..    Suddenly, Jim's whole faced changed and he was in disbelief he looked at Ashley and said "is this really true?"  and Ashley said "Im really sorry Jim.. your a nice kid".    Then Jim abruptly left my house.   I tried texting him and calling him but he doesn't want to reply.

This is the first time Jim has been mad at me or Tom.. I think this was a horrible prank and how can I apologize to him? What should i do?


Are you sure you're not Jim? If I remember correctly you made thread being really depressed and in a situation like Jim.

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"It's just a prank, bro"

You're a piece of sh*t for doing stuff like this. You just killed the last bit of self esteem your cousin had.
And I thought stupid stuff like this only happens in Youtube videos and mediocre tv shows...

From what I'm reading, and assuming it's true, it doesn't sound like you give a shit about your cousin. It's as though you fear you're losing that gadget that provided a level of entertainment to you.

Just don't expect the community here to help because it won't. If you're genuinely feeling guilty, then carry that burden and take it to your grave. I wouldn't want him to forgive me if I were you. Heck I'd be having a difficult time forgiving myself after pulling such a ridiculous stunt.

This is the first time Jim has been mad at me or Tom.. I think this was a horrible prank and how can I apologize to him? What should i do?

what a D1CK!!!

You do realize that this could drive him to suicide if his life is as you say, right? There is nothing I can tell you that will make him forgive you, only he can decide that. To be honest, you do not deserve it.

As for fixing the damages, try to help him meet someone for real. He probably won't trust you, and that will take time. It will also take time and work to actually intoduce him to someone, but guess what. Your time is the LEAST you owe after the monsterous act you pulled on him.

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There's pranks and there's this. In a Venn diagram the two don't overlap.
If this is made up, as AbbathTheGrim suggests, then it's a good story, but if it's real, shame on you, you're a cruel ***.

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Utterly disgusting. An entire week of playing him for a fool and you want to be forgiven? He thought he found the right girl that made him happy and that boosted his self-esteem and confidence.Now, he finds out that for a whole week, the girl he thought liked him was only doing it for as a prank. You pushed his self esteem off a plane and he probably will never trust another woman for an extremely long time if ever.

You might have instilled paranoia now and he will probably believe that any girl that seems interested in him is being paid by you or someone else with underhanded intentions. What kind of family member exploits another's weaknesses and insecurities with a low blow of that caliber? No, you and that accomplice of yours don't deserve it. If this is true, both of you are the true definition of human trash who's existence is nothing less than a hindrance to society.

Sorry bruh but this one crossed the line. You're such a fattydingdong.

Pranks are good and all but when you start playing with people's emotions that's been as long as a week then that's a bit much. A prank should just be instant and over with.

Egh. Link him this thread and we'll discuss with him about how much of an asshole you are. Or he just reads it. He then makes up his mind and punches you in the face or forgives you... or both. Then you buy him a hooker- no, 2 hookers, some bottles of champagne and a Ferrari. Then he punches you again, cuts your dick off, says "It's just a prank bro" and you guys are even

Might take you some months to get that second punch; depends on how long you paid the hookers for. PS: the first 2 sentences are the serious ones. Although, if you could make the others possible, he might forgive you sooner rather than later.

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I was going to say how horrible you are (though the story is probably a fictitious one), but then I remembered I did the exact same thing, in fact worse in some ways. The difference was that we convinced him that she was really crazy about her sports team of choice and wearing earrings that match the color of her team would be a nice gesture. He got his ears pierced and bought some strangely colored earrings and started wearing those. He took it a step further and bought clothes with the same colors as well. Damn, I completely forgot about this.

We never told him though, and even if he had learned it in some way it wouldn't really matter because he wasn't a shy guy or anything, he was just a little stupid. You should be careful, some people might not take it.