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Forums - General Discussion - I pulled a horrible prank on my cousin will he ever forgive me?

No offense, but you're a monster. Poor guy. You should have known that something like this would set a guy like him off. Did you really think he would just shrug and laugh and say 'Oh you got me'?

If I were him I would never forgive you, and that would be letting you off easy.

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Dr.Henry_Killinger said:

Dr. Filthy's got you covered


It's just a Frank bro!

You're an asshole. Now, first I would suggest talking to him and letting him have whatever he wants out of you. Analyze the situation with him a little closer and come back and maybe we'll have a better basis for the advice we'll give you.

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Your even worse for telling him. Should have just said you set her up and paid her just so you could be happy for a bit. Lie! Don't tell him you did it for fun. That part makes me not believe you and you only came back to this site when you realised the general boards show up on the front page again.

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You're an asshole, and you're also an idiot for not recognizing it beforehand. If you ever thought that would be funny, I'm inclined to think there might be something wrong with you emotionally. And what amazes me even more is that there were three of you that thought it would be a good idea.

Also, like someone said in a post before mine, that might have really damaged him emotionally.

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This is abuse and i hope you get punisched for it, if you are at an age your parents still have something to say about it.Make amends for it as fast as you can and let your cousin know you did wrong now and not later.
After doing that just leave him alone ,stay out of his life and hope he can forgive you.

Learn from what you have done and become a better person.

Don't seek forgiveness. That makes it seems as though you're only trying to alleviate your own guilt instead of being concerned about your cousin's welfare. The guilt is your burden to bear for such a horrible abuse of trust. If he wants to forgive you, he should be allowed to do so on his own terms instead of you trying to force it out of him.

I only hope your cousin finds strong support elsewhere and you take a good hard look at how you treat others from now on.

Doing this to a normal guy who gets laid on the regular is one thing. This is sick and disgusting to do to someone like your cousin.

You probably doesn't have a clue of what is love or that people have feelings.
So he is better not looking in your face anymore, I'm glad for him to get you out of his life.

He seems like a nice guy, so he'll get over it eventually.

I must say good things may come out of bad times, so at least he is getting rid of a bad person.

All the best for him in this hard times he'll be having with himself for now.

Pretend to get in a fight with him and let him kick your ass. You deserve it.