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People will attack this article and rightly so. People love their console of choice. I own a PS4 and the last game I purchased was MGSV (which was a disappointment for me) and the last exclusive I felt inclined to spend money on was Until Dawn. Great console but 2015 left a lot to be desired for me. 2016 is right around the corner and it should be a killer.

mZuzek loves to pre-order

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In all fairness, I didn't have a problem with the Xbox One article. However, the contrast between these two articles is ludicrous and goes a long way toward making Kotaku look worse than usual.

Don't compare one to gaming PCs and not the other. They share the same market space. Don't question timed exclusive DLC and not timed exclusive games. That doesn't even make sense. Don't overly praise one for improving greatly on awful beginnings yet criticize the other for steady improvement on very good beginnings. And, I really mean this one, don't act as if the fall season is the only one that matters. I play games all year around. Fall is already packed with third-party titles which makes releasing exclusives the rest of the year a better practice for gamers.

Very poor effort from Kotaku. They should be somewhat embarrassed by this.

The UI hard to navigate? I didn't realise scrolling left and right was challenging for some.

Netty said:
"The PlayStation 4 is an unexciting video game console, all things considered. It’s a box that you put under your TV, and it plays video games."

That has to be the weakest critique of any game console I've ever read.

That first line just had me backing away from it right off the bat, you could say that about every single console in history, unless they come with a built in screen, the consoles themselves have never been super exciting, I mean the Pikachu N64 had his cheeks light up red when you turned it on, but what do they want? More consoles like the CE models of the 360 for Gears and Halo with Sound effects from the game to make it exciting to turn it on?

I'd rather just have a powerful system with a lot of Software which is either on it or on the way for it due to its large marketshare, people said it was bad the wii getting so much shovelware but ya know even at it's worst it still meant there was a ton of variety to pick up and choose from and the market leader will always be the place where those games ends up, if you are launching a game which you know will have a less than 1% attach rate then dropping it on a system with 100m users at least means you can break the million sales mark, that is the advantage the PS4 has started this generation with and will probably keep onto unless they continue to make fuck ups like charging people 15 a pop for "BC" with ps2 games while their rival ports some of the best games of the X360 onto the system for free if you have the disk still laying about.

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?

These guys get too much attention. I wonder what European and Japanese articles have to say?

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The fact that this idiot actually compared PC gaming to owning a PS4 tells you everything you need to know. PC gaming does not compete with console gaming. Anyone who thinks otherwise has no damn clue about marketing and the industry right now. Yes, there are always some cross over, but in this case, it's so small that it's not worth thinking about. Out of those 30 million PS4's in homes, how many have gaming PCs? How many of those even THINK about building a rig? The answer... very few. PC gamers are their own breed. They're as separate from console gamers as handheld only gamers. Different products serving completely different demographics.

Given this guys education and the fact that he obviously knows better, I'd say his personal bias slipped into his writing on this one.

I saw a similar view to this kotaku view in the Sunday Times the other week when rounding up which to get for xmas.

Here it is...

Microsoft Xbox One, £265

Best for Exclusive games

The Xbox One struggled at launch, being too focused on home entertainment and sold with an expensive motion controller, Kinect, that no one wanted. Now the price has dropped, Kinect is a £130 option, storage space has expanded and it’s a different proposition. Software updates have made it quicker to get to your favourite games, and you can run more than 100 old Xbox 360 titles. The console is ugly but almost silent, and you can add to the 500GB or 1TB of storage with a USB hard drive. Its controller is the best of any console, with precise twin joysticks and trigger rumbles for feedback. Home entertainment apps are still there, with a built-in TV guide, video streamers and an HDMI input for a set-top box. There’s even a Freeview HD plug-in. But for most it will be the games that count, and the One has some of the year’s best as exclusives,including Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Forza Motorsport 6.

Verdict On paper less powerful than the PS4, but has the edge with its games.


Sony PS4, £280

Best for Graphics

Sony has also been busy upgrading its PS4, and the latest Ultimate Player modelis quieter, uses less power and has more storage (1TB) than the original. With improved electronic memory and a more powerful graphics processor than the Xbox One, the PS4 enables games such as Star Wars Battlefront and Metal Gear Solid V to run more smoothly or at higher resolutions, although the differences are subtle. It is also a smaller, more stylish unit than the One, and offers similar entertainment apps for the likes of Amazon video and Netflix. Its current weakness is exclusive games, with only a handful of greats that can’t be played on Microsoft’s console. But in the console wars these things are cyclical, and waiting in the wings for next year are big exclusives such as a new Uncharted title and the much-hyped space opera No Man’s Sky, plus a promising-looking virtual reality headset.

Verdict Full of potential, but currently pipped by the Xbox.


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Netty said:
"The PlayStation 4 is an unexciting video game console, all things considered. It’s a box that you put under your TV, and it plays video games."

That has to be the weakest critique of any game console I've ever read.

In the XBO article it's praised from going away from TV and other stuff and becoming more about games.
Now the PS4 purpose of playing games is bad, for some reason.

The two articles are so inconsistent on each other in some many points that even if it's two different people writing it, it being allowed to be posted is a complete statement of their don't really care about the content of what they are posting, they just post.

Different writer. Now I know to ignore all of Kirk Hamilton's articles.

In other news: The extra door for MS cash offerings that was installed last year at Kotaku Headquarters finally turned a profit!

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