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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS3 American Nightmare

Avinash_Tyagi said:
shams said:
Its till early days guys. Wait until a couple of "big" titles come out (Lair, Heavenly Sword, etc..) - then see how the PS3 sales perform. Its no surprise that hardware is not moving when there are no games available. What this is doing though - is sending a clear message to PS3 developers... be wary. Sony should have launched 6-12 months later, with a heap of quality games, cheaper price and more PS3 units.

Kotaku's recent hands on indicates both games will likely not live up to the hype

 I agree. I saw these games way too much hype behind them. The amazing thing about them are the graphics. However, the gameplay elements are still unchanged. 

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The way God of War 2 was hyped, you would have thought it was the second coming of Jesus. The way people made it sound like it was going to sell 10 million copies. While sales have been decent, it was nowhere near the hype people put into it. It's a nice game, but sometimes I think all the hype just sets up people for failure.

Pokemon is really the only game that seems to have lived up to the hype. 

Personal opinion, but graphics without gameplay is worthless. If graphics was all that mattered, I'd watch a movie.

your mother said:
Personal opinion, but graphics without gameplay is worthless. If graphics was all that mattered, I'd watch a movie.

 and no matter the gameplay with out great graphics the game is worthless.

Don't feed the troll, he will be banned soon enough.

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wiisajoke said:
your mother said:
Personal opinion, but graphics without gameplay is worthless. If graphics was all that mattered, I'd watch a movie.

and no matter the gameplay with out great graphics the game is worthless.

One word for you (Hus? Kwaad? washimul? Hard to keep track of all you guys):



This is the real problem both MS and Sony has right now, they forgot most console users prefer a console over PC because of the cheaper prices, and great games. Now they want to compete graphics with the PC platform is pure insanity. PC get update graphics every 4-6months and PC users are willing to spend hundreds of dollar to upgrade their system every 4-6 months, but do that 120 million ps2 player willing to spend high price 400-600 on a console?? Console has always give the general publics the impression of cheap system, great games, ok graphics. Not an expensive multimedia PC hybrid. You just cant blur the line between consoles and PC, it dont work this way.

your mother said:


 I see your Tetris and raise you Puzzle Quest.

Dont forget good old Pong.

Also, it is amazing how the PS3 Nightmare has boiled down to Pong. Is Pong better than the PS3???? 

OriGin said:
At this rate it's still going to take the 360 2 months to crack 10 million. With Wii selling almost 1 million a month World Wide at the moment I think John Lucas' prediction that Wii will overtake 360 by the end of July will come true... quite honestly it could possibly happen sooner than that... 3 months the Wii has and it's less than 3 million behind at the moment... if it keeps up (and it is likely too even go UP) I can't see much doubt in this prediction. You know what, I'm going to go along with Lucas on this one... Wii has caught 360 so fast!!!

I love ya OriGin!

See when I make predictions I look into multiple hypothetical scenarios and cross-reference them with the status of direction in the real. I pay attention to how people feel and how they may act. Hard to explain but trust me I don't pull stuff out of my ass when I predict. Believe me I've thought about it thoroughly.

When stuff sells good, production will increase. Nintendo is not showing itself to be an incompetent company so there's no reason to think they can't increase projections. Believe it or not this success even surprises them. They have to be conservatively cautious with production figures. And that conservatism means that they keep eagle eyes on those dollars. They don't waste a red cent. Which clues me in to why they won't delay in production increases once they get a feel for how the system is doing. They will underestimate some more but they will match better than they did before. See how I think?

XBox 360 is stalling. Australia and North America are its only viable regions. Elite won't move real numbers like people think. Think about it. Going UP in price? Only some will buy and it will give it a mild spark. A spark that won't last naturally. It's going to be 6 months soon since they made that 10 million announcement and they still haven't gotten past the 9 million bar yet in all this time. In honesty XBox 360 is simply doing OK. It's very mortal and won't maintain against the Wii which is an unheralded phenomenon. Immortal against mortal. This is where the power lies brotherrrrr.

NEVER use conventional thinking when viewing the Wii. It is designed EXACTLY out of the same philosophy as the DS. They are twin linked phenomena. The same strategy in both handheld and console form. This is why I call it the WiiDS Phenomenon.

End of year once again Wii will have sold AT LEAST 20 million worldwide. At *least*. My best case scenario is actually 24 million. This holiday season is about to be absolutely sickening. Absolute madness. It will make you wonder if Nintendo's launching all over again. The Christmas get for 2006 AND 2007. The numbers from September to December will be unheard of. Christmas shopping season all around the world and it will stay strong throughout the summer beforehand as well. Remember, that's when Wii unleashes its online play and the kids are all out for the summer. They will break the rule of the summer drought.

Wii- AT LEAST 20 million worldwide

XBox 360- Not past 13 million range worldwide (just under 14 million range at best case scenario)

PS3- at peak optimism just past 7 million worldwide


Wii will pass 360 in North America within month of July.

Metal Gear Solid 4 will NOT go to PS3

PS3 won't make it out alive past 2009.

Sony will have massive layoffs and downsizings.

Sony may jettison its game division altogether.

Wii and DS will be the best selling game systems of all time.


Now let's see how accurate I am on these. I always love to say it before it's time. It's my way. It's what I do.

John Lucas

Words from the Official VGChartz Idiot