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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which devs have priority getting the NX Dev Kits?

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Unless they have a limited supply on Dev kits, I don't think they will purposely delay them.

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Kagerow said:
Unless they have a limited supply on Dev kits, I don't think they will purposely delay them.

Its not about the physical kit.  The resource constraint comes with supporting the new hardware and software libaries.   Nintendo will be doing lots of dev support and relationship management.   That in turn means they need to have enough people trained up to handle developer support duties.  A firm like Square-Enix will get plenty of hands on attention from Nintendo while they are getting up to speed.


The big boys they want to make games for the launch lineup.

Probably Squenix, Capcom, Platinum, EA, Ubisoft, Activision.

It'd be nice if they also included Bethesda in that, but not expecting anything.

Nintendo needs to get all major 3rd party publishers on board, particularly the western ones because that's where the money is.
Nintendo shouldn't really be picky though, it's that pickiness that has done so much damage with the video games market for Nintendo consoles, if they want to stay alive in this industry then they need to get kits to everyone and they also need to make games that appeal to the western market that buys 3rd party.

As an aside point any architecture comparable to PS4 and XB1 would be simple for 3rd party developers to port their games to. Nintendo should be stumping up the cash for porting costs and marketing for any titles releasing in the Fall of next year.
The NX console should be the superior platform for 3rd party games and the handheld should allow the unique prospect of gamers being able to play everything on the move if they want, this would be a great selling point for Nintendo.

Any dev kits going out now would easily allow 3rd party studios to get their games on NX for a 2016 launch, if the kits were released this time next year, then that would show a 2017 release. Even Wii U's architecture was relatively simple and pretty similar to XBox 360 (3 Core PPC, AMD GPU, with DDR3 main memory and an eDRAM cache). A CPU relatively close or even better than what's in PS4 or XB1 is easy to obtain, hell AMD's Puma or Excavator cores are much better.
The GPU tech available through AMD now has a better feature set, along with using less power to do more or the same as PS4's Graphics Core.

Nintendo are also a part of the Khronos board, which could easily mean that they're developing a version of Vulkan for use in NX, basically every 3rd party studio will be familiar with that API now.

Porting a 3rd party game to similar platform to PS4 and XB1 is a cakewalk, NX will no doubt share X86 architecture, likely using AMD's latest technology, the only doubt in my mind is how powerful it will be due to Nintendo's love of small form factor tech, though it is perfectly feasible for the home console part to have more horsepower than PS4 in a smaller package than that platform, AMD's latest tech is more efficient than what's in PS4 and XB1.

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Anyone who wants one

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

Rockstar should be their priority...if they get next GTA locked for NX I think most, if not all western publishers will follow suit, if for nothing else but for "They're releasing on NX, why aren't we releasing anything? Bob, you're fired."

teigaga said:
Gamemaster87 said:

Wii U dev kits were send out in Mid 2011. That's 1.5 years before launch.

Now add the advanced tech, you can easily assume a 2017 release.

NX is not happening before 2017. Deal with it.

"Now add the advanced tech" doesn't really mean anything. What advanced tech, you mean the same architure seen inside the PS4 and X1? Even more powerful specs which mean the games require less optimisation to produce good ports? We don't know what tech is inside the NX.

The earliest reports of "public" PS4 dev kits were in November 2012, more "advanced" then the Wii U yet developers were given less time with it. Furthermore the 
Wii U was designed to be a unique system where developers would build games from the ground up to utilise its 2 screens. 

I'm not at all certain of any release date but concluding a 2017 release date from this is not that wise. When was the last time dev kits were publically released 2 years in advanced? Alternatively when was the last time a home console was launched in the summer if you're expecting a summer 2017 launch?

Where did I say "Summer"? Please read again...

I hope that Nintendo is managing to give dev kits to all the major publishers. They need to get their base on board certainly in Japan, but probably more crucial is for them to secure the support of EA, Activision, Ubisoft, and all these other Western publishers that I hate.

I'm guessing Nintendo is prioritizing the big publishers first (western and Japanese), especially the ones who actually supported Wii U some. Smaller devs and indies will get dev kits later, alot of indies might not even get them until after NX is officially unveiled sometime next year.

I'm guessing Square is one of the first considering they already alked about Dragon Quest and FF14 on NX. Tecmo Koei and Ubisoft will likely get them quickly too, Nintendo has partial ownership of Tecmo's Fatal Frame series and Ubisoft actually supported Wii U some. Assuming the rumors are true and NX is both a console and a handheld, I'm guessing Capcom will get one early so they can put a Monster Hunter game on the handheld.