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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which devs have priority getting the NX Dev Kits?

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Tier 1:
Internal Nintendo devs- for obvious reasons

Activision- first/second largest 3rd party supporter of the wii u. Still funds ports of skylanders and guitar hero

Ubisoft- first/second largest 3rd party supporter of the wii u. Almost provided 2 launch exclusives for no cost while providing ports longer than others.

EA- huge 3rd party player. Too hard too ignore with their reign of casual sports titles (fifa, madden, ...)

Koei Tecmo- great relations, dev kit sent early to start an early partnership

Bandai Namco- see Koei Tecmo

Platinum- see Koei Tecmo

Tier 2:
Sega- Nintendo is still the best platform for sonic (one of the few console titles sega still makes)

Square- already expressed interest and still has DQ as a semi reliable console title

Capcom- A known japanese dev with excellent handheld support

Nordic games- They have shown a great interest in making games for Nintendo while containing some known franchises like darksiders (could also be tier 3)

Tier 3 (wishful thinking):
Bethesda- Hopefully Nintendo starts seeing their growing influence within western countries

Slightly Mad Studios- Hopefully Nintendo sees and discusses with SMS to make project cars 1 or 2 an NX launch title

Rockstar- Hopefully GTA V was enough of a Behemoth to show Nintendo Rockstar's capabilities.

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Soleron said:
Gamemaster87 said:
Soleron said:

If the dev kits are public knowledge now, that implies 2016 launch. Did anyone publicly have PS4 dev kits in 2011?

Wii U dev kits were send out in Mid 2011. That's 1.5 years before launch.

Now add the advanced tech, you can easily assume a 2017 release.

NX is not happening before 2017. Deal with it.

Your date for Wii U supports 2016 better than 2017. 

More advanced tech should mean a SHORTER period, not longer, because they will be developing it with as much of the time as they have. Like how Xbox 360's GPU came out ahead of the PC GPUs with that tech, so dev kits 2.5 years before were impossible.

Hey, I _want_ to see it in 2017 so Nintendo crashes and burns next year. But it looks like 2016 to me.

"Deal with it", like you somehow know better than us about this thing that no one really knows anything about. :/

Delicious, delicious games.

Traditionally, Nintendo has only courted Japanese developers and the biggest of the western publishers, like Activision, Ubisoft, and EA. If they're smart, that will change, and they'll open up dialogues with just about everyone that makes AAA games.

Very few western developers will spend resources on any kind of Nintendo exclusive, and if they do it will be something quick like Zombi U, but Nintendo should try and get a port of every major title that is in development and slated for a release near the launch of the NX. That should be priority A, B, and C.

Japanese devs just because of the handheld.

This is *complete* wishful thinking on my part... but....

I'd love if Nintendo bought a stake in Konami and got hold of their IP library . All the old MSX exclusives from the 80's could be rebuilt in 3d. Many of those games were huge sellers in Japan (Yie ar Kung fu, Time Pilot, Metal Gear etc).

Their modern IP library must surely still be valuable (MGS, Silent Hill, DDR).

Its just such a pity that they have essentially destroyed themselves from a management perspective. For Konami to gain new (part) ownership could be very good for them and certainly the IPs could be very good for Nintendo.

But taking on the management headache of reorganizing a company that appears to be in a state of anarchy - well that might not be too attractive :)


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EA is I believe legally obliged to develop Madden and possibly Fifa for the console. So they'll get one.
Ubisoft tends to make exclusive titles for just about every console at launch, so they should have one.
Square already announced a possible NX game, so it stands to reason they'll have one.

Namco, Sega, and Capcom seem likely and platinum is almost a definite.

twintail said:
Japanese devs just because of the handheld.

I think the same too. Whatever happens, Nintendo shouldn't let go of their dedicated handheld dominance. It's still an important chunk of the market, even if the mobile market has rediced it a lot.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I think the first lot who got the kits would be internal studios and those with strong relationships to Nintendo and those who will be paid to create games for Nintendo, the likes of Platinum.

I see Capcom right up there as they create a lot of games for Nintendo handhelds. Sega for all the Sonic stuff, Platinum for another Bayonetta.

I think the earliest they will release it will be holiday next year. There is no way they will release it before E3 and TGS. This would mean they will be releasing it towards the end of the fourth year of the PS4 and X1 life cycle. Early 2017 will probably be when Sony & MS start giving out their early kits, meaning devs will start to have an understanding of what each manufacturer is doing.

Japanese developers, because I think Nintendo is still more focused on continuing to win their homeland over conquering the world market. Followed by other major Western 3rd parties, those smaller or mid range developers that offered Nintendo good software support in the past and then everyone else.

I'd say Square-Enix and Ubisoft are among the first ones.

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