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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Your Super Smash Bros Mains?

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4 Super Smash Bros games have been released (5 if you are really technical) and characters have been added and removed for each new release.

Do your mains change overtime for each game, or do you like to stick with the same characters?


I'm definitely not a competitive Smash player, but these are my 'mains'


Smash 64: NA

Melee: Roy, Pikachu, Kirby

Brawl: Toon Link, Pikachu, Marth

Smash 4: Lucina

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64: Captain Falcon

Melee: Marth, Roy

Brawl: Meta Knight, Wario, Marth

Wii U: Shulk, Marth, Roy

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Smash 64: Kirby
Melee: Yoshi
Brawl: Yoshi
Smash 4: Yoshi and Kirby

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my mains vary alot, but i guess the character im really good at right now. Are Mario and marth. starting to pick up on pac-man, and i done some hard training with falco

Smash 64: NA
Melee: Falco
Brawl: Falco
Smash 4: Falco

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Ssb: pikachu
Melee: Peach, Ganondorf, Fox, Pikachu, Roy
Brawl: Zelda, Ganondorf, Pikachu, Peach
Project M: ZSS, Zelda, Ganondorf, Roy
Haven't owned 4 yet but Rosalina will be my new main

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64: N/A
Melee: Kirby, Ness
Brawl: Kirby, Lucas, Ice Climbers
Smash 4: Kirby, Lucas, Wario

64: Anyone
Melee: Marth, Roy, Mario
Brawl: Sonic, Link, Luigi
SSB4: Sonic, Link, Shulk

Only really played 4, and Marth all day.

Smash 64: Yoshi
Melee: Falco, Ness
Brawl: Diddy, Ness
WiiU: Diddy Ness


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