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Forums - Sports Discussion - The NFL Thread 2015: Denver Broncos win Super Bowl 50


Who will win Super Bowl 50?

Patriots 116 25.00%
Seahawks 41 8.84%
Colts 7 1.51%
Packers 42 9.05%
Broncos 85 18.32%
Ravens 8 1.72%
Cowboys 18 3.88%
Panthers 56 12.07%
Other 74 15.95%
Scoreboard 17 3.66%

Great job, Rol. Punctual and precise as usual, I am looking forward to this season's PL, hopefully I can at least repeat my performance.

Already paid for my GamePass, but this year Croatian T-Mobile is streaming at least two early Sunday games over the mobile app for free. Not really an option for me, live watching is out because of kids and other obligations, so paying for GamePass is still the best way (watching full game replays on demand once family is asleep).

Oh, and I support all proposed rule and scoring changes.

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I'm in. Already looking forward to the HOF game next Sunday. Will post my overall predictions sometime in the middle of the month.

i'm new, but i would like to join :)

If there's a spot available, I'd like to join.

tis the season...I'M IN

G-men winning this year!!! 4 year cycles; 2007-2008 2011-2012, now 2015-2016


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Nice changes.

Im in again, to prove that last Years prediction league for me was all down to luck and in reality, I suck.


I'll join. Last year was a fluke I tell ya!

Estelle and Adol... best characters ever! XD

VVill not be able to vvatch much this year so tag for novv.

Go Seahawks!

Gotta defend my title.

I'm in. Be scared everyone. Unlike the last guys who tried to go back to back, I won't be passing the ball from the one yard line.

I'll just deflate your picks instead.