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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sony gamer's day anticipation

Didn't realise they were making a new Pursuit Force game, loved the first one (first game on my PSP). But like everyone said, just be patient and Sony will actually release more than a couple of good games.

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Wow ! I was waiting for this information to come out but ....this is just a data overload !! Interesting news ;Pain for the PSN ,Warhawk both for PSN and Blu-Ray with the BR version coming with a bluetooth headset ,Little Big Planet and Home looking better and better New games ;Timeshift showed running in the PS3 (until now it was PC and X360 only ) ,Pain ,SOCOM on the PS3 ...on the PSP Syphon Filter Logans Shadow and a new tactical SOCOM ... Breathtaking videos ;In the PS3 Ratchet & Clank ,Uncharted ,Lair and Heavenly Sword ,Little Big Planet ,simply unbelieveable ...also worth mentioning GRAW2 running perfectly on the PS3 ,and Folklore ,Warhawk and Day of Judgement,TImeshift ,Stranglehold .... on the PSP the new Syphon Filter ,God of War Chains of Olympus ,the new Socom and Castlevania looked simply amazing !

Chains of Olympus looks the bees looks like this game is taking the PSP onto a whole new level.

They had a very impressive lineup for the PSP:

Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow
God of War: Chains of Olympus
SOCOM Tactical Strike
Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles
Pursuit Force Extreme Justice
Jeanne D'Arc
Silent Hill Origins
Dead Head Fred
Dungeon and Dragons Tactics
Crazy Taxi Fare Wars
PaRappa the Rapper
Practical Intelligence Quotient 2
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes
Final Fantasy I & II
NBA '08 Block Party

And this is just a taster of what 2007 has to offer....very impressive!!! 

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This is too much for one thread, but allow me to add:  The new PC/360/PS3 game Stranglehold is a sequel to the John Woo movie Hard Boiled, both starring Chow Yun-Fat. 

The PS3 will have an exclusive collector's edition ($10 more) that includes a blu-ray version of the movie...on the same disc as the game.  The movie, released in 1992, has a 94% fresh rating on

I think that is the best example of a collector's edition ever.  Correct me if I'm wrong. 

I have to wait till I get home to view these, but the screenshots for Uncharted remind me of Out of this World/Flashback back in the Genesis days. I loved those games. There's also talks of FINALLY releasing a PSN store specifically for the PSP in the fall. I've been waiting for that for a long time. Seems like a decent day for Sony. They could use more of these.

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Legend11 said:
It's amazing how well Uncharted is shaping up to be. It always seems like an exclusive game comes out that makes me buy a console in which the rest of the library doesn't interest me (Resident Evil 4 and Goldeneye are what made me buy Nintendo consoles) now it looks like it'll be Sony's turn :/
Wow, do you know how to pick the wrong horse.  Releasing lots of info about games so gamers can get duly psyched about them is certainly one thing Sony does much better than another Japanese game company that likes to be ridiculously secretive about everything.


ckmlb said:
Oh I forgot, Socom on the PS3 baby oh yeah.... total surprise and it's downloadable? So lemme get this straight 360 has geometry wars as a downloadable game and PS3 has Warhawk, Little Big Planet and Socom? hmmm lemme think which one sounds more appealing...

 What a fair comparison!

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My take is that the new playstation software will probably continue to be attractive to some part of existing playstation users as an extension of PS2 games. I am not sure, though, how many of new PS3 games are utilizing real 1080p capability to differentiate them against XB360 games. I am also not sure if this is really enough to keep exisiting playstation users to the PS platform (against XB360 and Halo3) and have them pay for the expensive PS3 console as well.

Little Big Planet looks great.

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