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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sony gamer's day anticipation

ckmlb said:
Summary of everything at the Sony gamer's day:

 Thanks for providing this info.

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kber81 said:
ckmlb said:
Summary of everything at the Sony gamer's day:

Thanks for providing this info.

 anytime :) that new sony rpg game folklore looks damn pretty 

Thanks to Blacksaber for the sig!

Have to check out everything at home 2nite. Drakes looked pretty cool - lot less impressed with Heavenly Sword (crappy collision boxes, floaty controls, etc..).

Sure I'd like Rachet as well - always loved that "candy" sort of action game!

EDIT - some of those comments about LAIR seemed disturbing, about the SIXAXIS controller. At least the game looks damned pretty. 

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Wel, while i havent had the time to check out everything yet, i ceirtanly think Sony pulled this event off with flying colours. Uncharted looks great!
A PS3 purchase looks more likely for me this fall than before the event anyway.

Game'journalist' standards are a fucking joke btw. Accepting a NDA until after the event is just sad, and not worthy of a real journalist. Imo.

Ok so i hear some whispers about 40 SONY first party PS3 titles currently being in production, how many of these titles are currently known? List please!



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Heavenly Sword looks amazing. This will definitely be the first game I get for my PS3.


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Wow. I've just watched a bunch of videos, and seriously... Little Big Planet and Heavenly Sword might just be enough to convince me to get a PS3. MY GOD Heavenely Sword is gorgeous, it's just too frikken expensive!!!!

wow! i will get all of them. thanks for the info.


Uncharted looks awesome. Heavenly Sword is breathtaking. Looks good and also provides great game play. Every single title is worth buying as for me... My wallet won't handle it.