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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bold Prediction: Super Mario Maker is going to sell 2 million units this year.

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Do you agree with me?

That's not a bold prediction. 33 37.08%
Yes, of course. 31 34.83%
No, you idiot. 17 19.10%
I want a little bit of what Fleischr smoked. 8 8.99%

need to see pre-order figures before the game launches. i still think it can. but it really needs marketing, which Nintendo started to do with Best Buy, it just needs follow up marketing in the upcoming weeks leading to the release date.

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It will happen. Especially if Splatoon can hit 1m in 3 weeks.

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I have to agree, can do it easily.

Not so bold after all... Yeah, probabily will, depend what Nintendo do.

Bold indeed, at least, imo.

I doubt this, but it would be great if it could

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3 million seems more reasonable to me. It is a Mario game after all.


1. If the Wii U sells closer to 10 million LTD by 1/3/2015 I win. If it sells closer to 9.5 million LTD by 1/3/2015 OfficerRaichu15 wins (winner gets 2 weeks of avatar control)--Lost.

Yes if they sell it for 30$

Ruler said:
Yes if they sell it for 30$

Justlike splatoon?

It's freaking 2D Mario.

tbone51 said:
Ruler said:
Yes if they sell it for 30$

Justlike splatoon?

Yeah really though? Splatoon can pop out 1 million in just under 4 weeks at full price.

A 2D Mario with 100 pre loaded levels (which is enormous compared to the normal 2D games they release) plus all of the levels you'll create yourself and download from others. There's no reason it won't sell at NSMBU levels.