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What do you thank Iwata for?

EVERYTHING! 97 100.00%

I thank Iwata for everything he and nintendo have done for the gaming industry, despite the fact that some of the most recent decisions have been questionable nobody can deny the greatness Iwata brought to the industry. I also thank him for being such a passionate gamer and sharing his love for gaming to all of us. R.I.P Iwata


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most of my Nintendo games and the impact he had in the gaming industry.

For being part of what made me fall in live with Nintendo a few years back, after being a hardcore "love Sega hate Nintendo" guy for most of my life. He embodies what Nintendo is all about: The love of gaming, even though that love might sometimes mean bad business. It is amazingly wonderful to see in today's industry.

I thank him for the Nintendo Directs where have grown to be something that I look forward to more and more over the years T_T


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For staying true to his passion and love for video games that all gamers share and letting that be the driving force for Nintendo to deliver great game after great game, year in and year out.
I will forever be grateful for the Wii, my favorite console ever. As well as the DS, and the Nintendo Directs which I ALWAYS look forward to, and the enthusiasm he always brought to them.

As president of Nintendo, there have been a few decisions he made here and there that I didn't agree with. But all the good things he did in his tenure as president FAR outweighed all the bad for me to ever even think about saying he needed to step down. He always put his heart into his job and he always looked like he loved what he did and just loved being a gamer on top of it.
He gave it everything he had all the way to the very end.
We will never be another person ever like him in the gaming industry again.

I thank Him for the best years of my gaminglife with the GC and Wii and Ds
Rest in Peace you will be remembered




He had a huge hand with the DS/Wii. Definitely widened the gaming industry. Thanks Iwata

For really caring about what he did. For his dedication and genuine enthusiasm anout games and the industry he worket in. For never being above having a little fun. For the Iwata asks. For all the woderful Directs.

osed125 said:
IkePoR said:
The_Sony_Girl1 said:
People, realize this: You made Satoru Iwata's last memories: The hate and petition against Federation Force, The hatred of Amiibo Festival, and the outcry about the "horrible" E3. Sad way to go out  :(

Reguardless of what's happened with Iwata, fans are supposed to voice their opinions.  It's how things get better.  You make it sound like fans helped to cause him to die.

What a silly thing to say.

Not saying the fan backlash was the cause of his death, but a lot of negativity can affect someone's health immensely, especially if are you suffering from a huge disease such as cancer. Also add that to the normal stress of running a company.

OT: the Wii mostly, that has been the system I have enjoyed the most in my lifetime.

I've been thinking about this as well and while it's true that fans should be able to voice their opinions (regardless of how overblown some of the reactions were in my humble opinion), it's sad to know that now it's too late for him to see how many people actually really valued him and his work.