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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What do you thank Iwata for?

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What do you thank Iwata for?

EVERYTHING! 97 100.00%

For the directs
His passionate leadership
His role in setting up the pokemon company

And his games of course, most notably for me:
-His work on Kirby
-His work on Smash
- Balloon Fight
- Earthbound. It was a coded mess before he worked on it, and he saved it by basically singlehandedly coding it from scratch.
-Helping localise pokemon red/green (Bue)
- Porting the pokemon battle system to Pokemon stadium. In a week. Without reference documents.
- Compressing Pokemon Gold (which the devs couldn't) to allow for the inclusion of Kanto

Spending warm summer days indoors   

Writing frightening verse

To a buck-toothed girl in Luxembourg

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It's interesting to learn today that Iwata was pretty much wholly responsible for enabling one of the defining features of my favourite games of all time, Pokémon GSC (the defining feature being the inclusion of Kanto of course). It's good to be reminded of how good this guy was on the ground as well as as president.

DS/Wii/3DS/WiiU are all consoles that mean a lot to me and Iwata was president for the release of all. You will find him in the credits of undoubtedly the majority of my favourite games. I have a lot to thank Mr. Iwata for.

As a kid I played Balloon Fight for hours on end. I was surprised to hear he helped develop that game.

Thank you mister Iwata for taking me back into console gaming. Your vision and the Wii and the DS that came off it made me realise what it was that I liked about consoles in the past.

Earthbound (Saving it)

Super Smash Bros Melee (Helping make sure it came out on time)

Wii and DS (Some of the most fun I've had on a console/handheld)

The Directs (Great way to talk to fans and show off new games, loved the presentations)

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Grateful for the majority of things he did, modern Nintendo would be far different with out him plus he saved Bayonetta. He also changed the way CEOs in gaming did things due to the impact he had when he took over.

For the Wii and DS - it brought me back to my gaming roots via my kids. For Iwata Asks and for the Directs. And the Wii U didn't fail for me.

I would like to thank him for Iwata Asks and just being a great person that people should look up to and for giving us Directly to you!