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Forums - Gaming Discussion - First Shooter you played(3rd or 1st person)

Probably Golden Eye or Doom. Some of you guys make me feel old...



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Dr.Vita said:
Does Hogs of War count?

Why wouldn't it?

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episteme said:
Dr.Vita said:
Does Hogs of War count?

Hehe, I remember "Frontschweine".

But no,  it's turn-based strategy.

Frontschweine turn based? That new stuff for me, always felt it was real time

Btw, the game is freeware nowadays, so check it out if you like.

@OP: Catacomb 3D, (predates Wolfenstein 3D by a year) unless Operation Wolf and Duck Hunt on the NES and Assault City on the Sega Master System or Shooting Gallery on my PC count

Pretty sure it was Wolfenstein 3D, or whatever the version of the game was called that was out in 1994. For some reason it was installed on the PC we had in my clinic, and I often stayed after work to play it for an hour or so, before I would walk my 30 meter commute home. The commute was pretty smooth, I would sometimes encounter the odd flying insect, but that would normally not slow things down.

FPS was not my preferred genre, but it was that, Solitaire or Minesweeper.

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Doom and Golden eye 64( still the best multiplayer fps created so far)

If it isn't turnbased it isn't worth playing   (mostly)

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Medal of honor on ps1

oh man i miss those days

Probably Duke Nukem or Doom.

The SNES version of Doom.

Kristof81 said:
Wolfenstein 3d. Yes, I'm that old :)

Me too! And I'm even older, sigh. 

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Golden Eye on the N64. Such a good game.


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