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Forums - Gaming Discussion - First Shooter you played(3rd or 1st person)

Halo: Combat Evolved

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Wolfenstein 3D. (Honestly almost answered with Contra, until I noticed the 1st/3rd specificity.)

Doom 32x style. Those were the days

FPS: goldeneye
TPS: Gears of War

It was either Grand Theft Auto III or Red Faction 2.

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Does Duck Hunt count as a 1st person shooter?

If you turned the brightness up on your TV, you never missed.

Medal of Honor Frontline, but TF2 is what got me into em.

"I think it will be the HDS"-Me in regards to Nintendo's next handheld.

Unreal Tournament

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Doom ! I played like 6 hours in a row, got a crazy headache, went to bed with a terrible need to throw up, I could see the 3D moving even closing my eyes... That was a crazy violent first experience lol

One of the Call of Duty games. The first I beat is Uncharted 1.

Can't wait for The Zelder Scrolls 3: Breath of The Wild Hunt!