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Forums - Gaming Discussion - First Shooter you played(3rd or 1st person)

I think it was battlefront.

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One of the Medal of Honors. I can't remember which.

Gotta dig deep into my childhood memories here: I'm gonna say Contra. I could be wrong though, might be GoldenEye.

007: Goldeneye

0331 Happiness is a belt-fed weapon

Depends on definition - if being in vehicle and shooting at enemies in first person mode is considered FPS, then this:

Battlezone, in arcades, early 80s.

Otherwise, it was either this:

Operation Wolf, also arcades, or this:

Cabal, on C64

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green_sky said:
Wolfenstein 3D.

Same for me! Doom shortly thereafter I would think.

Goldeneye would be the next maybe?

Half-Life at a friend's house shortly after the release in 1998.

Quake 3 Arena is the first one that I owned and it's still my favourite MP shooter. I also bought Half-Life, but mostly played Counter-Strike and never finished the main game.

Wolfenstein 3d. Yes, I'm that old :)

Does Hogs of War count?

Watched my friend play Doom some, but I think the first one I actually got my hands on was Goldeneye.

Although it's very possible that the very first one I played was really the Chex game that came in Chex cereal, which was basically a clone of Doom. I can't exactly remember the chronology, but that very well might actually be the first.