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Forums - Gaming Discussion - First Shooter you played(3rd or 1st person)

Dr.Vita said:
Does Hogs of War count?

Hehe, I remember "Frontschweine".

But no,  it's turn-based strategy with 3rd-person action and even some 1st-person elements when you aim.

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First shooter: Contra (NES)

First FPS: GoldenEye 007 (N64)


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Call of Duty on the OG Xbox.

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Kristof81 said:
Wolfenstein 3d. Yes, I'm that old :)

Don't worry, compared to some of us here, you are still youngling.

Wolfenstein 3d

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KLAMarine said:

Gotta dig deep into my childhood memories here: I'm gonna say Contra. I could be wrong though, might be GoldenEye.

contra doesnt count, its a  shmup...

Rise of Triad on Windows 95 if i remember correctly. Loved that you had to pick your suicide when you quit the game.

Woulda been goldeneye I think. We used to play it 4 player all the time on my friends N64. Good times :D

Half Life.

Either Spear of Destiny (Wolfenstein 3D's sequel released in 1993) or the first Doom (shareware version). Can't remember which, I was young and they were both on the same computer and I played a lot of games on it. Probably SoD though, since it's more colorful and probably less scary for young people.