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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Star Citizen's First-Person Shooter Module Delayed but you can buy 400 dolars ships

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Star Citizen's First-Person Shooter Module Delayed

FPS launch hindered by technical blockers and gameplay issues.


The developer of Star Citizen is delaying the game’s first-person shooter module called Star Marine indefinitely, according to an update from Cloud Imperium Games founder Chris Roberts.

Roberts explains that ongoing technical and gameplay-related issues are hindering the release of the FPS component that was initially slated to launch shortly  after PAX East in April.

“The tl;dr is that we feel the current build doesn’t feel like it lives up to the standards we’ve want to achieve with Star Citizen,” the post reads. “There are several issues that will need additional time in order to deliver the first iteration of the gameplay we want you to experience. The challenges facing the FPS launch are a mix of technical blockers and gameplay issues.

“The most significant technical hurdle faced today is the networking backend," Roberts explains. "After attempting to work with the legacy code, we decided that we needed to drop some of the legacy technology. Those efforts are all going well, but they’ve all taken additional time for our engineers.”

A taste of the in-development module was given to fans during a fan event at PAX Australia last November, detailing its shooting, perspective, animation and environmental features. The module was also shown off during a backer event.


“It lacked some polish (especially with animations) and still had several technical blockers that prevented a wide scale rollout…but we felt confident enough in the work to say that it would be available for everyone soon. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. Just over two months on, we are continuing to tackle technical and gameplay-related issues.”

The space simulation has amassed more than $84 million in community-driven funding and expect to hit the $100 million milestone by the end of the year.



But dont fear they announced this :

$400 Star Citizen Ship Announced, See Images and Get Details Here


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SC will either be one of the best games ever made, or biggest scam ever.

after the amount of funding the game got (Current 84.6 million), a $400 pricetag on a ship is fucking crazy.

I will be buying this game, hoping it lives up to expectations because there quite high considering the funding on this game.

What makes a ship $400?

I look at this game, and I see everything that is wrong with PC gaming or the PC gaming mindset. Then again, what do I know?

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400??? it better come with a dinner and lub...

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I hope they don't screw up the game's economy before it even releases. If that happens, I'll just play on private server.

I saw people saying in the comments they sold 2500 ships before and people bought them.

Its insane.


I'll be brutally honest here: In my opinion the Star Citizen devs (or te be more clear, the guy that's leading the whole operation) are complete pieces of shit.

They are still happily letting people blow cash up their ass even though they are $20 million above their last stretch goal. They say the game will release in late 2016 (I'm pretty sure it has been delayed a couple times already) but does anyone actually believe that? And they(he) have(has) the gall to say something like they are never going to "dumb down Star Citizen for lesser platforms" acting as if they are some sort shining example for other devs and what they should do, when in reality they simply don't have to give a shit about where they release the freaking game on aside from PC because they still have people throwing millions of dollars at them every month, people that only want one thing in return at some point: the game.

Intrinsic said:
What makes a ship $400?

I look at this game, and I see everything that is wrong with PC gaming or the PC gaming mindset. Then again, what do I know?

Relative value to other ships. You can't sell a $400 ship for $50 and not expect everyone else to be pissed off who payed higher amounts for their ship

But anyway, the journalists have, as ever, done a terrible job. Basically, Star Marine is delayed because of the netcode primarily and they are using the time to fix more bugs and improve the experience. This isn't because of feature creep or anything, it's because they need more time to re-work the CryEngine netcode, which explains why they've opened a studio in Frankfurt (the location of Crytek's head offices!)

As a backer. I'm happy with the situation. We get weekly updates telling us what the teams and working on, which is basically unparalled even in open development. There's also a game I can play right now, which is pretty fun, though still needs some work. I still believe in Chris