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I'll be brutally honest here: In my opinion the Star Citizen devs (or te be more clear, the guy that's leading the whole operation) are complete pieces of shit.

They are still happily letting people blow cash up their ass even though they are $20 million above their last stretch goal. They say the game will release in late 2016 (I'm pretty sure it has been delayed a couple times already) but does anyone actually believe that? And they(he) have(has) the gall to say something like they are never going to "dumb down Star Citizen for lesser platforms" acting as if they are some sort shining example for other devs and what they should do, when in reality they simply don't have to give a shit about where they release the freaking game on aside from PC because they still have people throwing millions of dollars at them every month, people that only want one thing in return at some point: the game.