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Intrinsic said:
What makes a ship $400?

I look at this game, and I see everything that is wrong with PC gaming or the PC gaming mindset. Then again, what do I know?

Relative value to other ships. You can't sell a $400 ship for $50 and not expect everyone else to be pissed off who payed higher amounts for their ship

But anyway, the journalists have, as ever, done a terrible job. Basically, Star Marine is delayed because of the netcode primarily and they are using the time to fix more bugs and improve the experience. This isn't because of feature creep or anything, it's because they need more time to re-work the CryEngine netcode, which explains why they've opened a studio in Frankfurt (the location of Crytek's head offices!)

As a backer. I'm happy with the situation. We get weekly updates telling us what the teams and working on, which is basically unparalled even in open development. There's also a game I can play right now, which is pretty fun, though still needs some work. I still believe in Chris