Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo explains why they add "Super" to Mario Maker's name.

it really make sense.

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Because it's Super

Makes sense, and it doesn't really change anything so it's fine

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I just figured because the name Super Mario is much more iconic than just Mario by itself.

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Now that's just super.

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TomaTito said:

Super Mario is Mario after getting the mushroom power-up. Mario games that have this mechanic are called like this, but there are intruders from spinoffs and 3D titles.

Woot, somebody remembered my thread!

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Oh... so NOW you guys are worried about confusion. Where were you when they were naming Wii U?

so I can make super Mario galaxy levels?????


That actually makes sense. Didn't expect that.

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aikohualda said:
so I can make super Mario galaxy levels?????

Read this

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