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Nope, they will always have Steam and Gabe Newell. They will be the "master race" till the end of time or at least until the two I mentioned cease to exist.

"I've Underestimated the Horse Power from Mario Kart 8, I'll Never Doubt the WiiU's Engine Again"

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Even though I play a FTP on a PC with an Intel Graphics HD card, I would rather play it on PS4 because of the constant failures. Sure, it could easily be solved with a proper graphics card, but I play on a laptop. I can spend $550 on a decent PC, but it won't be as future-proof as I wish. Down the line, I'll have to dish out more money so I can properly play more graphic-intensive games. That's why I feel like sticking with PS4.

The only people who claim pc was the master race were themselves. So no, it's not over because it never even started.

Nah, still funny though. I always get a good chuckle when we get a reconfirmation that PC gaming is still more of an afterthought to a lot of AAA devs, not like I have anything against people that game on PC, but the whole masterrace thing has just gotten obnoxious.

JRPGfan said:
Honestly with a PS4... I could easily live without gameing on a PC.

I can't even find the time to all of my PS4 games let alone take on another platform.

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well spending almost the entire last generation being PC only gamer i have to say its very true. You see last gen we had at least Crysis 1 but this gen PC has nothing while the PS4 exclusive look better than any other game so far who are multiplats.
Bloodborne, driveclub, infamious SO, Knack, Killzone SF, The Order 1886 are above almost all games out there. And the gap keeps rising as we have seen uncharted 4 and Horizon footage. It doesnt mean PC couldnt handle these games its just that they are exclusives.

It's diversity of genres and modding that makes PC best platform for gaming omnivores, not $1000 GPUs.

Articles like this are annoying because I certainly don't want to see 20-50 threads of pc games that are better on PC. Only ends up in fanboys discussions anyway. I invested this generation in a PC that costed me 700 € not high end pc but certainly strong enough to enjoy almost every PC release and buying games on pc instead of consoles also saved me already a few hundred Euro's. For example I love the lego games and while I wanted it on consoles the price difference is huge. It was 18 € on PC on its launchday while more than 50€ on consoles. I would recommend it to everyone and if you don't want to use a Xone controller you can also play games with a PS4 controller.

No if anything the gap is widening further. I own a PS4 and the graphics are inferior to my 2 yo PC and the system is just beginning its life cycle. 4K resolution and 60 FPS are becoming more and more common.

i agree 100% even.