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Forums - PC Discussion - Are the "PC Master Race" days over?

Did you even watch E3? Even Sony themselves announced more PC games than PS exclusives.

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"PC master race" is the most stupid thing I've ever seen in gaming. I've always played on PC and on console (Metal Gear Solid AND Age of Empires when I was a kid), and I can't understand why some people try to say something like this (or they don't understand a lot of things about consoles or pc).

I made a custom PC a few years ago (in addition to my PS3), spent something like a thousand dollars in it. Played a few games with good graphics (Deus Ex, Guild Wars 2...), and then mostly Dota 2/TF2... It run like shit now game-wise compared to my PS4, and I won't pay hundreds/thousands of dollars again soon to gain a few pixels and fps. I mostly play on my PS4 and use my computer for some games and other tasks (programming, photoshop, downloading...). "PC master race" is just what PC-only gamers tell themselves to feel better when they see a console exclusive game. If there was a true "master race", it would be "multiplatform master race" (or soon, mobile :D ).

well... lets evaluate:

modding capabilities for most games
any PC game ever made can still be played
Steam has made PC gaming simpler and easier
fully cutomizable
can be upgraded

PC ports are poorly optimized
can be pricey if making your own build
way too much DRM
if youre new, it can take some time to figure out

well, you gotta take the good with the bad in these situations but the cons do seem to trump the pros at this point. people cant feel comfortable buying games on PC if they cant work or figure out whats wrong it. developers seem to be putting less and less time into optimizing PC ports every time there is a new release.

i tired to keep the list unbiased. notice how i never even mentioned consoles or gave any comparisons. these are all just facts we have to face.

I'd say it was never really here, and was just PC gamers being cocky fanboys. Really, it was no differet from a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo gamer's feeling of superiority. The only huge difference between PC gamers and console gamers is the cost involved.

I built a top of the line, GTX 980 Ti powered computer late last year, and I've been unimpressed with it. The games don't really look that much nicer, the genuine exclusives haven't blown me away anymore than the exclusives of the other consoles (and far less than the spectacular stuff Nintendo's been pumping out on Wii U). I can run Shadow of Mordor at 120 fps: who cares? Had I bought it on PS4 or Xbox One the experience would have been more than fine. And on top of that, because I bought the game close to launch I felt jipped, because the game went on sale just a few months later.

The best thing about PC is the cost of the games. The aforementioned Steam sales are great when I'm patient or simply ignore a big game for two months so I can get it on sale. I can sometimes buy Indie games for cheaper than they typically are on console, and the library is MASSIVE and goes back decades. It's especially nice that a lot of the PC games I've wanted to play are finally being made compatible with modern PCs. But here's the kicker: to play the vast majority of the PC's best exclusives, you don't need a high end PC. But if you want to play marginally better looking ports of console games, you need to spend enough money to buy this entire generation of game consoles, AND you have to build it yourself and accept the risks involved in that (not a big deal for an experienced PC builder, but for someone who's new to it? Mistakes always happen, and they'll probably happen the first few times without loads of help).

Really, I think the PC is best as a secondary platform, like Wii U, rather than the end all, be all gaming platform. Buying something midgrade for the PC exclusives, buy everything else on console. These days, the consoles are even catching up when it comes to game sales and indie games.

So I'd say, it's not really that the PC gaming master race thing is fading. They're just being reminded that they are as mortal and vulnerable as anyone else. :P

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You guys do realize that the "PC Masterrace" thing was a joke made by the joke review personality "Zero Punctuation." PC gamers had nothing to do with it.

The people that use the phrase "PC Master Race" to refer to themselves have psychological issues that need to be worked out if you ask me. But I'm no medical professional...

4 ≈ One

It's certainly becoming less noisier than it was around 2013/2014. They were craving for attention because of the domination of the new consoles in media. A lot of them also have started buying consoles in the last 2 years and saw it wasn't as bad as they made it out to be.

nuckles87 said:

I built a top of the line, GTX 980 Ti powered computer late last year

Before it was even anounced or released? Impressive! 

sc94597 said:
nuckles87 said:

I built a top of the line, GTX 980 Ti powered computer late last year

Before it was even anounced or released? Impressive!