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Given the utterly disastrous E3 Direct, it's clear that Iwata's time is up. The shareholders aren't going to put up with him any longer. But now it's time to make the difficult decision of hiring a successor for this great man. Now I know what you're all thinking, why don't I take over for Iwata? Great question, I'm already next in line to replace Phil Spencer after he put Killer Instinct on PC. It'd be a conflict of interest.

Should it be Miyamoto? He's kind of old and irrelevant. May as well hire the guy who created MySpace. 

How about Reggie? He has his own meme. I think he's qualified enough. 

Should it be Muppet Iwata? I kind of like him better than the real Iwata. 


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Muppet Iwata, clearly.

Jack Tretton!!!

Thanks jlmurph!



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Dont know but they definitely need some new blood.

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No one :/

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that guy that made those spy games and got fired because his games were too good...

I'm surprised it took this long to make a thread about Iwata resigning.

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Iwata stayed back in Japan today because he knew this E3 was a disaster. It seems like one of the fools actually in attendance at E3 is at fault. Fire all of them!

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